NK poster

by Gaspar Yanga

I am not  fan nor a supporter of Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, nor her theories about the White race. I think too many Negroes have used her book in order to justify them committing biological suicide. When I heard of her death I decided to say nothing because she was not a bad person.

I just now read this scumbag’s Marc Lamont Hills twisted and clearly White directed attack on this woman. Marc Lamont Hill was doing the dirty work of some White racist who clearly did not like Dr. FCW work. When I read his disgusting and hate filled attacked on the decease woman, I starting seeing red.

Black people are in desperate need of a Civil War. The Chinese, Indians and the Japanese fought wars among themselves based upon the European role in their socitities. Marc Lamont Hill, in a civilized world would have been gunned down for his disgusting diatribe against that woman. That was flat out wrong.

Its a time to speak and its a time to say something. This moron talking about Slave owners, as if White people have ever freed Africans. We are still under European enslavement only this walking target is too dumb to realize it. I pray that Marc Lamont Hill dies this year. People like him should not share the earth with civilized humans. I hate this coward.