by Gaspar Yanga

Indigenous people of the United States: 2,932,248

African population of United States: 42,020,743

The Indigenous women of North America were the first to have to fight White hegemony. Their men and children were classified as savage and brutes in order to justify the White race taking their land and building the United States of America.

Apache wrrior.jpg

Apache women fought as solider’s against the terrorist nation called the United States of America who sought to destroy the Apache nation and install White rule of Apache lands.

The reason why Gloria Steinem said that Black women taught her feminism is because of the population of African people in America. The African population is big enough to form a military that could overthrow White power. The Indigenous peoples of America population is too decimated to fight them. It’s simply a divide and conquer strategy of a CIA agent.

White women are far more racist and devilish than White men. The White woman to my knowledge never fought in any colonial wars that Indigenous women, African women and Asian women had to fight  in to free their people for White racial rule but White women reaped the benefits and rewards of the suffering and pain that women of different races are still going through.