by Gaspar Yanga

The non sense of different shades of Black was started in the United States of America to maintain Mulatto control over Africans. In the 1920’s Marcus Garvey explained one of the tactics of Whites to maintain control over African people was to place the Mulatto over the Africans.

Much of the conflict between Du Bois and Garvey was not based on ideology because both were Pan Africanist, but colorism that was rooted in ideas of caste, class and color by America’s mulatto class.”

No where in the European world is a Mulatto seen as a White/Pink and has any real authority over Europeans. The Mulatto is a strange creature, because the Mulatto can  adopt a language that Africans respond to but they have the same contempt for Brown skinned Africans as their White parents.

Africans are the only race where Mulattoes arrogantly demand they be seen as pure Africans. The Mulatto does not do this with the Asian, European or even the Arab. Many self loathing Africans love Mulattos and seek to create these creatures, even though they will always be enemies of Africa.

Cuba is a nation ran by mulatto but has a large African population. The African population is seen no where in any leadership position in the Mulatto Cuban government. While Cuba is against Anglo Domination and White Hegemony, they believe in Mulatto Supremacy.

We Black Africans need to study Cuba, Dominican Republic and Brazil as told to do so by Dr. John Henrike Clarke. He said the Mulatto is not loyal to EITHER SIDE. The White, Yellow or the beautiful Dark Brown/Black African.

African Centered Biological Nationalist must create mulatto free nations. Its not so say we won’t lie and use Mulattos to achieve our objectives but they will never be seen as equal an authentic African. The Mulatto was the enemy of Africa prior to the coming of the White man. We must rid ourselves of Negroes, Mulattos and Homosexuals if we are ever to be free!