by Gaspar Yanga

North Korean Population: 24,900,000

North Korean GDP: 1,800 USD

African Population in US/Canada: 44,000,000

African Population US/Canda GDP: 32,000, USD

North Korean Military Personnel: 1,1900,000 (5th largest in world)

North Koreans Military Battles: fought stalemate with USA

Africans of  N. America Military: 0

Africans of America Battles: Black Power Movement of the 1960s loss badly

African people in the US/Canada go through racism by in large because of lack of organization, fear and traitors. African people in North America are a large unorganized sleeping Giant which is controlled by racist Whites.

African men have not taken the responsibility of Governance, Policing and Military protection of African people. Integration was a tool to maintain White control over a North America that African people have every right to have their own nation on.

If the Jews were given Anglo Palestine they could have given large sections of the USA to Africans and let them form their own nation. Whites don’t want any competition and want to keep Black men powerless and unable to punish them. The fear Black males have of White males is insane when looking at the number of Black men on the planet.