African people who make comments or post on IMA controlled and owned social media will begin to get psychologically attacked by suggestive ads on facebook, instagram and youtube. The IMA’s are desperate to maintain their iron grip social control over Africans.


On Facebook, you will see in the login a photo of a European male holding hands with an African female depending on how Afrocentric your post are. You will begin to see White people in African garb, Homosexuals and Interracial couples on your feeds of possible people you know. This is done to make you question or doubt yourself. The White race is at constant war with African people and they have paid coders and computer engineer’s who sit online all day and their job is to monitor the activities, post and thoughts of African people. This information is then sent to White think tanks and Ph.ds who will come up with solutions to whatever thought process Africans come up with.


On Instagram, you have Negroes and Europeans who sit online to monitor the post of Africans. If you post about Black love, Black issues or Africa you will begin to see photos of interracial couples, promotion of the one drop rule and talks of different shades of Blacks. I have come to realize that Interracial Mixing is racist. Interracial mixing is the European injecting their DNA into populations they seek to control and destroy because the offspring will have the European DNA code and will naturally want to destroy Africans.


Anyone who even puts African in a search engine will find the famous “African-Americans ain’t African” suggestions pop up. Once again the USA wants to make sure that their African population never politically and economically create a union with Africans in the Caribbean and on the Continent. You will have Black American homosexuals and these Israelite people pop up on all your post saying racist comments about Black women and Africa.


We must create 100% African owned social networks that have revolutionary suggestion ads that feature African couples. Mentacide as Dr. Bobby E Wright correctly stated was the ultimate objective of the European Global Psychological community. ¬†Mentacide occurs when you willingly think and act out of someone else’s interpretation of reality to their benefit and against your survival. You are seeing suggestive photos of African women with European males, the offspring will be created as a spokesperson who will degrade the image of Africans.

racist mulatto

I am a person who has not watched Television constantly outside my disgusting obsession with Sports for 10 years. I spend most of my spare time reading, writing (although not very well) and doing exercise. This has helped me have a crystal clear view of the World and I able to see things that ordinary people do not. We are all living in a illusion that the Europeans have created in order to maintain their vicious racist powerful grip on most of the World.

With the Nigerian invention of the Crocodile Browser and with the natural love and affection most Africans have for people sincerely trying to do right we need to create a grassroots social media socialist company. One which will connect us to at least 150 million Africans. We must build our own internet and social media because the Psychological attacks of the Europeans are about to be amped up.

You have people promoting racial unity in a European language not realizing they are already united with Europeans and have been since Europeans came to Africa. Europeans, Arabs and Asians united themselves with Africans to make us weaker. Racial Unity will always weaken African people because White culture and other non African cultures believe in the Doctrine of unequal exchange. They will only unite with Africans with the same slave/colonial fundamental relationships kept. Africans who have damaged ego’s and are selfish and individualist will always jump for these type of arrangements. I am a hypocrite for using this wordpress but I am taking my time in developing my own website because I want to have my own severs and this is costly. But we as Africans must make others aware not to fall into the traps the Europeans are setting psychologically.

Salani Kahle!