African Centered Biological Nationalist Journal

zzzMulatto African + non-African = non-African

Offspring who are the product of an African and a non-African sexual union are not African. This is a fact and to think contrary is absurd. The time has arrived for Africans in mass to investigate for themselves this core postulation and foundation of African Centered Biological Nationalism. Researching the basis of this axiom and accepting it, is the only way for Africans to ensure their prosperity and survival.

How are African people unique versus Chinese people biologically? We need to encourage this conversation to excite the African imagination and isiphelo (determination, Zulu). We must continue the conversation as to why the biological survival of the African has to be a planned event and why practicing an uniquely African ethics founded on African biological survival is genius.

African Centered Biological Nationalism by axiom wants adherents, ACBN loyalist, to be vanguards of thoughts and actions focused on…

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