Negroes are European Vassal Zombies who want to infect other Africans with the psychological state of mentacide. Racism is about making every non European person on the planet a vassal of European ideals, culture, values, economics and military service.

Europeans have set the world up in a way that the future generations of children of Western European ancestry will rule over the lands, economies and cultures of non Europeans, thus creating Trans-Global European Hegemony and the Trans-Global Enslavement of all non Europeans.

We as African Centered Biological Nationalist must inoculate ourselves from the Negroes who want to infect us with this White pathology in which we can never escape their clutches and grip over us. The Europeans have decided that Africans will forever be their vassals and that any African who resists must be either killed or marginalized to the point where he/she withers away until they die as wards of the Global European State.

Recently, one of these Zombies showed up to a Straight Black Pride meeting in order to try and manipulate Ayo Kimathi’s followers into accepting Homosexuality/Pedophilia. The White racist Psychological community’s primary tool is Emotional Warfare.

Whites use three major things that Whites have done to Blacks to control them and manipulate them. They use the history of: 1. Slavery 2. Colonization 3. Urban Crack Cocaine Trade, in order to play on the emotions of African people. Emotional manipulation is when I take something from your history that is painful and use it to get you to change your opinion based upon the pain your people have felt.

Example: In order to get African people to accept Homosexuality/Pedophilia, the Agent will mention Black Drug Dealers in the community. Because most Africans despise drug dealers and criminals. So the European who has created the image of the Homosexual as a person who means well and basically wants their private matters not to define them.

Ayo Kimanthi, said that NOI members came to a meeting he had and said well you accept drug dealers don’t you. He said no I don’t. This is the catch phrase the White racist have come up with to manipulate African people.

Another racist tactic of the Whites is to use slavery. They will say African people should not reject slavery, because White racist gave us the bible, and if we reject Homosexuality/Pedophilia its the same as Whites enslaving Blacks. It means that slavery was right. The African doesnt even realize he or she is being manipulated they just remember the pain of slavery. Slavery has an emotional and psychical impact on Africans even to this day. The Whites know this and use it to their advantage. This shows how vicious Whites are.

Psychic violence is the method of choice of Whites. It doesn’t leave any scars and its hard to prove and it easy to make the victims doubt what happened if you are good at manipulation.

The Whites have recruited vassals like Michelle Obama, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill and Steve Harvey in the USA in order to promote their violent racist agenda against the Blacks in the USA and Abroad. USA power is GLOBAL. They seek to promote homosexuality/pedophilia globally.

We must stay vigilant and educate young Africans about these Zombies who have existed for a very long time.

Salani Kahle!