You have an Youtube channel calling for the murder of some 14 and 15 year olds who allegedly raped an 18 year woman who was “drinking” in the park with her father. The New York media is claiming that 5 “MEN” brutally raped an 18 year old woman. This is clearly and staged attack. Rape happens at University campuses EVER DAY but it never makes national news. Some of these so called “Black” YouTube channels are nothing more than Eric Snowden.

Eric Snowden, was a 29 year old high school drop out making $200,000 to sit online and do the dirty work of the CIA. The avg 14 year old kid could’t even perform alone with an 18 year old girl let alone RAPE one. Bullshit Story. I don’t care if they are tried and convicted these kids did not rape anyone.

American Negroes will lie and hurt a Black children for money.