When the media claims that a 14 year old is a grown man and some YouTube personality is calling for killing of young boys, common sense should tell you that something is off. The West is built and maintained on a series of lies.

Police originally said “each one of the five suspects raped the victim,” but the Times noted that the victim “told investigators she was raped by at least one of the suspects and forced to perform oral sex on two others … two of the suspects told investigators they witnessed those sex acts, but described them as consensual between the woman and the three other suspects.”

One of the defense attorneys mentioned a video shot by one of the suspects, a video that allegedly showed what happened shortly before the alleged attack. The New York Times and New York Daily News were both shown the reported ten-second video by a brother of one of the suspects. The Daily News says that the video shows “a smiling girl who’s naked from the waist down — supposedly the victim — sitting with a young man.” There are a few snippets of dialogue; according to the Times, a male voice says, “She said yeah … If you said yeah, it’s lit, like, you know what I mean. I could tell you a freak.”