There were about 3.3 million teachers in American public elementary and secondary schools in 2012, according to a study by the National Center for Education Statistics. It said 82 percent were white, 8 percent were Hispanic, 7 percent were black, and about 2 percent were Asian.”


In the United States of America, Black children are told the propaganda by White females, that they teach for the love and not the money. Black children are told it’s not worth it to become a teacher and that their teacher wishes she had done something else. This is a lie deliberately told to Black children.

The teaching profession in the United States of America, allows for White racist males and females to get married young, start a saving account young and save for their first home. These jobs can provide them with a lifetime of economic stability and provide a community of other White teachers who will look after their children.

When you look at the large number of African American men and women in prison in the United States of America this is a tremendous economic drain. Instead of producing children ( human capital) and being apart of strong communities they are instead in prison creating jobs for Whites in prisons.

The Global European system has turned the White race into slave owners as Dr. Kamau Kambon says. White teachers who abuse Black children are being giving salaries, retirement and pensions. They are able to use their positions to send their children to college while the naive Black child believes that becoming a teacher is not worthwhile. The Prison and Education System are linked because both operate to maintain White hegemony. I will go into greater detail later I just wanted to write a quick post because this was on my mind.