Racism is White control of: Land, Culture, Language, Economics, Government, Media, Agriculture, Validation, and Politics outside the confines of Western Europe, the land or origin of White people.

Examples of Racism: Whites have set up governments and control the ancestral lands of: North America, South America, Israel, Australia and South Africa.

Globally White Men and Women Deliberately:

  1. Overcharge Black communities for electricity (especially during winter months).
  2. Overcharge Blacks for the purchase of homes and cars.
  3. Police disproportionately murder, arrest and pull of NON WHITEs.
  4. White teachers disproportionately kick NON WHITEs out of class.
  5. Whites force people to speak their languages.
  6. Whites set up governments on other people’s land and steal their resources.
  7. Whites control the utilities of Black communities.
  8. Whites control and choose the media for Blacks.
  9. Whites control and choose the political philosophy.
  10. ….too many to name.


The vicious pathology of White Racism/Culture/Power

African people pay trillions in taxes to White governments

Whites create a narrative to say their tax dollars pay for Blacks on welfare

White politicians use this to direct BLACK TAX Dollars away from poor Blacks to Rich Whites

African people then seek jobs

Whites create narrative that says Affirmative Actions is why they got a job

African people lose jobs

African people resort to crime to feed themselves

White people get jobs as correctional officers

Whites claim blacks are in jail because of lack of education

Blacks then go into college

Whited drive up tuition to make college not affordable

Blacks then seek out loans

Whites raise interest rates

Whites complain that Blacks are in college because of race

Blacks enrollment drops and Backlash towards Black with degrees

Black man goes to college = Affirmative Action

Black man gets a job = Affirmative Action

Black man poor = lazy and dumb

White man goes to college= hard worker

White man gets a job = hard worker

White man poor= victim of capitalism

……to be continues