It is not the light that illuminates the darkness, but it is the darkness that illuminates the light”

Cam Newton recently made a comment that you limit yourself when you are seen as Black. This type of lie reported by the mass media is extremely dangerous and tragically incorrect and said from a Eurocentric perspective.

For the last 2,000 years people from all across the world have been coming to Africa in order to gain education and resources. Blackness has been a source of power for Arabs, Europeans, Asians and White and Asian owned corporations alike.

In the 1980s, the NBA was a struggling league that was in desperate need of a boost in interest by the public. The NBA had its great White superstar Larry Bird but it was Magic Johnson and the Lakers who would rule the 1980s and lift the NBA to new heights. It was the African DNA that gave Magic an advantage over Bird.

In the 1980s, Nike was a small struggling sneaker company until it attached its brand to a young African-American rookie out of North Carolina. This rookie was Michael Jordan. Today the Jordan Brand is Nike’s most profitable sneaker and it was Jordan who turned Nike into an international sneaker juggernaut. It was Michael Jordan’s African DNA that gave him the advantage and the athletic ability.

On the eve of the United States of America Civil War, African slaves had picked 1 billion pounds of cotton. African slaves created wealth for White families and a small colonial nation that was in its early stages of development.

Adele, Amy Winehouse, Justin Bieber have all appropriated Black culture and sound to make themselves millionaires. Before them it was Jewish record label owners and artists like Pat Boone and Elvis.

Cam Newton himself owes his excessive amount of fast twitch muscle fibers and rhythm to his Black African DNA. In the NFL the top Rushing QBs of all time are all people with sizable amounts of West African DNA. Michael Vick’s, Cam Newton’s and Randall Cunningham’s natural running motions and side to side lateral movements were gifts giving to them from their African ancestors.

The genetic dominance of African-American athletes has nothing to do with slave breeding for the African immigrant is less than 1% of all US immigrants but the West African immigrants are a sizable number of players in the NFL and NBA. Joseph Addai, Jay Ajayi, Christian Okoye, Robert Nkemdiche, James Ighedigbo, Mohammad Sanu and the notorious Ndamukong Suh are only a small sample of West African NFL players. North African Arabs and Berbers are the largest “African” population in the USA but the West African and Central Africans dominate the NFL and NBA rosters. These people were not bred to be slaves but come from African immigrant parents.

Cam Newton wants to ingratiate himself to Whites because of fear of losing his position in their sports league and also a backwards and misguided religious and political philosophy instilled in African-Americans by Whites that Blacks should deny their talents and genetic gifts out of fear of being “racist” just like Whites. Whites have created the “logic” that since Whites are racist and wrote literature about their racial superiority that it’s wrong if Blacks do it today — even if they are genetically more gifted physically. Blacks repeat self-defeating phrases like “Being Black limits you”. No it doesn’t. White power limits you but Blackness is something that is appropriated and marketed to Whites, Asians and Arabs around the world. Cam is wrong. Black men must wear their Blackness with a badge of honor. “Yes, I am a Black QB, I have the DNA of West Africa in my veins and if you got a problem with that, that’s your problem.” Cam is a lighting rod because of the bogus propaganda that White men used to deny countless numbers of African-American men the opportunity to play in the NFL. Countless number of Black men died broken because they were never able to achieve what they could have due to the lies told by White men. That should be the story, not this bullshit about token progress.