racist devil

The ignorance of African people and their gross lack of critical thinking skills is a detriment to Global African existence. Many White people have built careers and moved up the White hegemony society of the USA based up them “working with Dr. King”. Many naive African people look at this as a positive thing because they have been miseducated and mislead.

White people who joined with Dr. King did so out of their own fear of retribution. They went to King to make sure he was non violent and would not incite African men to use violence and aggression towards the Colonial White American population. Whites studied King and saw they could manipulate and use him against the best interest of his people by playing upon Kings love of their religion Christianity.

Men like Bernie Sanders who believe Black men should be disempowered and non violent actually seek to be the head of the most violent military in the world. If Bernie Sanders becomes President of the USA, he will not hesitate to use military force to any group that threatens the existence of the USA but this same man told Blacks in America not to use force to protect their children, communities and existence.

Bernie Sanders sees Blacks as naive little children who need to be controlled and manipulated by White men like him. The fact that Bernie Sanders is seeking a position of power that uses violence is another example of how Whites have made a fool out of Black men for the last 2000 years. Sanders running for President should infuriate and angry Black men……if many only had a BRAIN!

When Sean Bell was murdered the first biracial President of the USA, Barack Obama, said that violence does not solve anything. A tired narrative the Whites project AT the Black male. Yet, he considers the murder of Osama Bin Laden, an accomplishment of his presidency. People like Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders have no respect for Black manhood and are apart of the Global Cult of Anti African manhood and permanent enslavement of African people.

Dr. Bobby E. Wright said that violence is a life sustaining phenomenon. Anyone who seeks to make the Black man non violent in the face of murder of his children, bombing of his churches is like one who claims he is a friend of the Lion yet defangs and declaws the Lion which will surely turn a powerful Lion into a starving powerless prey of his enemies the Hyena and other animals who will pounce upon him seeking his weakened state.