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by Gaspar Yanga

The failure of Black Americans in the 1960’s was facilitated by White Liberals. The Black Panther Party of Self Defense is a glowing example of African people organizing without a clear cut philosophy, vision or understanding of WHO the enemy is.

The Panthers turned their backs on the race for class and ass” – Dr. Bobby  E. Wright

Black American’s could not even follow the basic principles of the 10 Point Plan and today in 2016, their communities are not controlled by Black Panthers but rather flunkies of the White controlled Democratic Party. You see several cities with Black majorities that have White Mayors ( Detroit, Flint, Jackson, Philadelphia).

While the Obama Administration made sure to put Black teachers in Atlanta in prison, Black mayors in prison, ironically enough White criminals like George Zimmerman, Darren Wilson and the Mayor of Flint have all remain free.

Why isn’t any of the Majority Black Cities in America ruled by the Black Panthers today? Why? Because those Black Panthers who remain alive were absorbed into the Democratic and Republican, White controlled parties. And many White Liberals who pretended to be apart of the struggle merely joined it to get these Blacks back on the plantation. And many have recievied their reward for outsmarting African-Americans.

tough shuits

While, Assata Shakur sits on the FBI most wanted list, Gloria Steinem received a medal of honor for a job well done at destabilizing the Black Panthers. If the Black Panthers were truly revolutionary they would have at least overthrow the Democratic Party in majority Black municipalities. These Whites like Bernie Sanders and Glorida Steinem once they penetrate your organization they go back to serving the government that continues to destroy African people like all “GOOD” White people do.

This arrogant White trash Gloria Steinem is not even that intelligent, that is the sad part. How we allow these people to manipulate us and direct us back into the grips of the White Hegemony USA truly amazes me. African men and women aren’t suppose to be governed, police, taxes or controlled by WHITES. They control and create the policies and blame the communities for the very problems their policies create.

African people are brain dead, brainwashed and completely under the social and political control of a criminal nation, called the White Americans. Whites sit around everyday in America laughing about how they control US, laughing about how easily they dupe and trick us back into being their loyal slaves.

The Black Panthers had no real intention to even work within this system, if they did it would be Black Panthers in congress. Hell, former Klan members died as members of congress (Robert Byrd). African men don’t you have any pride? Any Fight? To allow an inferior to enslave you is a slap in the face of creation. The African was not created to be ruled over or share power with the European.

Gloria Steinem, patriotically accepted the Medal of Freedom. She always supported the enemy the USA Government as well as Bernie Sanders who portrays himself as a man for non violence, yet wants to be commander of the USA Military. Do you not comprehend that these two characters are racist and not only are they racist they went on a crusade to destroy any Black Power that could defend Black life from the attacks today?

You got Black morons who are traitors promoting these two disgusting savages Sanders and Steinem not even realizing that they are White supremacist who worked to destabilize Black political power in America. You should hate these people and call them terrorist if you had a brain. The insanity of Africans in America is truly amazing.

Imagine an African, claiming he was against the mistreatment of the Jews by the Nazis, and then he goes and accepts a Medal for the Nazis….Imagine a Hyena advocating for Zebras to be non violent towards Lions….telling the Zebra the Lion has hurt him too….then the Hyena after leading the Zebra back under Lion control receives a medal from a Lion for putting their prey firmly back in their hands.

Whites outrageous everyday behavior towards African people should have been sealed their fates. The White man and woman are not  bulletproof nor invincible. The Black man and woman will not live forever. This is where the rubber meets the road for us as African people. We have a finite life and we have an enemy that is BEATABLE! Why do we allow these Whites to get away with this insanity of using the Trojan Horse of a smile and speaking some truths?