Tim Tebow, is a European Protestant who goes to small nations to attack the God of peoples ancestors. His main violent sticking point is that if you don’t accept his God, you will burn in hell after you die. This is a very powerful and violent message to give young people. Imagine the terrorizing fear a young child feels when he is told he will burn in hell. This would be enough to make someone who is living in poverty seeing a person from a violent nation of people who robbed other nations gives the appearance that they are divine to the untrained mind and his religion must be the true religion because of his wealth to my poverty.

In the Bible, it speaks out against homosexuality:

Romans 1:27

In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

This is only one of many examples in the old and new testament that speaks against homosexuality. A person who cares about their people will not want their people to get a penalty for an error.


One White man tells you, you will be punished if you don’t accept his bible and another one punishes you for taking his religion literally . Tim Tebow is a beloved European-American icon. He is also a well know christian. The IMA media has not brought into focus the Whites who promote religions who speak against homosexuality. But it will punish non- Whites who take their book literally.

dangerous whites

Evander Holyfield, is another Boxing Great who was punished by Whites for believing in the God of White peoples ancestors. He spoke out against homosexuality from a European Christian standpoint. Dr. John Henrike Clarke, said that the European is only a Christian, politically. Dr. Bobby E. Wright said that Whites SAW no contradiction with slavery/colonialism and Christianity.

Whites are a violent and warelike people. They seek to harm you. This is a group of people who go out everyday with the ambition to dominate, deceive, lie and manipulate non Whites for the betterment of the greatest number of Whites possible.

Manny Pacquaio has a biblical name and even has Israel tattooed on his arm. He named one of his children Israel. The Whites have came among Manny to deceive and lie to him so in the future if the USA/EU wants to bomb and kill his people they will have an ally in Manny because its no White and Philipino in Christ is probably the line they sell him. Manny doesn’t even realize that Tim Tebow is an agent of White Power/Hegemony. Tim Tebow is a vicious lying racist bastard. And the White media will chastise the non-White person for spewing their religion.

You see, when smiling and friendly White people come among you its only to serve their own selfish needs. These people are genetically racist and seek to dominate the entire world though being greatly outnumbered. Their education system and spiritual system is to make non Whites vassals of their every ideological weem.

Whites are quick to punish, shun and debase a person in the media for spewing rhetoric giving to them by the European. Manny, is a victim. He and Holyfield looked confused when the White controlled media begin to attack these men of the European Faith. When you think of the millions who died at the hands of White nations for this comic book religion and many who refused to fight White power on the basis of being brothers in Christ you come to understand that Christianity is a military tool much like the White mans educational system.

Violence is the nature of the White race, and the only way to make them stop is gain the power to punish them back for the things they punish you back for. The Whites spend millions on social media and NGOs to promote people not to hate their enemies….meanwhile the Enemy will bash you and hate you. I don’t know how the Whites are not universally hated globally. I really dont.