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When Ben Carson said that Barack Obama was not Black he was 100% correct. Barack Obama is not a Black man because he does not have a Black mother. Barack Obama is apart of the racist agenda of Whites  and Biracial people to keep a hedge against authentic Blacks by placing a Biracial people as leaders of African people.

In the USA, African intelligence and Black thought is treated with utter contempt and laughed off as being silly. This narrative will forever be apart of White and Multiculutural societies. African centered thought is considered ignorant, backwards and childish even to most African people.

Barack Obama, has a WHITE MOTHER. If he were to say he was White…. the White world would not have let him get as far as he has in the Black world. Whites will protect their group exclusivity at all cost. Yet, the want to destroy the group exclusivity of Blacks a group they have hated, demonized and controlled for the last 500 years.

The Mulatto assaults on the Black image is seen throughout the LIBERAL media. Key and Peele and Trevor Noah have built careers is joking debasing African people and using their PARTIAL African heritage as an excuse and justification of making African men look like dimwitted morons. The USA is a racist Nation. The hate of African people is built into the DNA of Whites and their culture. The only way to combat this is Black African Power.