European Settlers who cohabit what is called North America are about the business of maintaining Global White Hegemony. They are arrogant and callous about their motives to forever dominate this world and every non-European on it.

One of the effective tools the European uses is double talk. A European will talk about the need of “Western Civilization”, “The American Way”, “Capitalism” and in the next breathe when confronted with non Europeans who see these things for what they are and that’s stolen goods, resources and wealth maldistributed into the hands of White Governments the Europeans will then claim Everyone is African.

If Everyone is African, why have borders? If we are all the same then What is the need for Borders? See, Europeans use Borders so their group can peacefully coexist with other Europeans. The European male has divided up this world and plans to rob every land mass for its natural resources and make everyone a consumer of his Goods. He calls this civilization. Civilization to White people is creating a widget for 25 cents, paying someone 2 cents per hour to assemble it and then charge ordinary people 500 hundred dollars for a widget they don’t even need.

The European makes himself all things for one purpose and thats to dominate and control others. The European as he claims it, is an African, Asian, American, Canadian etc etc not in the sense that he respects other peoples culture, language, history or definitions but he does so he can gain control of it and turn you into him. Because when you to  become HIM, you are no longer acting out of your own will but his will.

The European claims that you can’t blame those who inherited stolen wealth for their position in life. He claims that it was his grandparents who stole and not him and he plans to keep his stolen possessions and use them when he sees fit to assault you. The European has much faith in the US Military, UK Military and these other Western Armies. He believes that all he has to do eventually is press a bomb.

The European has mastered speaking with a forked tongue, in one breathe he speaks of the mighty power of his Nations. In the next breathe he speaks of his military terrorism and murder as being necessary because its some “bad guys” who want to stop them. And he is somehow reformed and changed because hes learned how to better dominate.

The European primary goal is to completely destroy the African. He wants to first disarm the African through double talk, deception and tricknology and position himself militaristically in a position to destroy Africans once we realize that talking to Europeans is a waste of time. They don’t respect us and never will. They only want to avoid us gaining enough strength and recognizing that they are not us and we are not them.

The European at first said Africans were inferior and that was the justification of domination. Then once Africans begin to fight for freedom and liberation the European than wanted to create a quasi brotherhood based upon him keeping his control over everyone int he name of brotherhood. The European will change his position but never change the fundamentals of his rule over you. Now the European dominates all Africans because he is an African too, we are all humans and since we are all humans he has a right to GOVERN all humans. You see the Europeans language is never how it appears.

The Europeans greatest fear, is that the Global African People of the world realize they are a distinct and separate group whom has a human right giving to them by creation to Govern, Police and Rule themselves how they see fit.

The European today is the same as the European of yesterday. He is at war with African culture, African people and must stop the March of the Africans Globally. The European must define who African people are. The European works and perfects his lies so craftily that dimwitted Africans fall for this non sense. The European is a psychopath. The Anglo European male does not live in reality, he lives in a Universe a creation of his own mind, once in which African men are going to have to destroy or we will perish.

The European male is a shrewd, evil and uncompromising enemy. He has an impressive navy, battleships and he has the minds of millions of Africans. ACBN, we have an uphill fight and a uphill battle but we can win. We can defeat the European because our ancestors said we could. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. We must seek to maintain biological African life. Because there is a mountain of propaganda and well crafted lies that seek to destroy us.

The White Angle male is the greatest terrorist, murder and criminal on the planet. His tribal wars are seen as patriotic, his terrorism is seen as peacekeeping and his violence seen as humanitarian even to its victims. The White male is a psychopath and he must be stopped or we will not exist in the future.