By Gaspar Yanga

My decision to destroy the authority of the blacks in Saint Dominque (Haiti) is not so much based on considerations of commerce and money, as on the need to block for ever the march of the blacks in the world – Napoleon Bonaparte

Hillary Clinton like every living White person on the face of planet wants a world dominated by White Hegemony (White Supremacy). White people have a genetic drive that makes them predatory towards non Whites. They have successfully convinced their every gullible footstools i.e. the African race, that they are different from their ancestors.

Africans of all people should know that you are your ancestors. Europeans racism and racist rule is not something that happened a long time ago, its something has has been concurrently happening for a very long time. The only difference between Hillary and Hitler, Rhodes or Washington is she is born in a different time period. That is the only difference between the Whites of today and the Whites of yesterday. The White maybe born in a different time period but his objective is the same as his ancestors and that’s to dominate non European peoples.

The Chinese have every right to stretch forth in this world and create a Chinese Hegemonic super power that is not under the direction of White Hegemony and White Domination. If Hillary Clinton does not want her grandchildren in a world dominated by Chinese people, Imagine how she feels by a world dominated by African men.

The greatest fear of all Whites is the African man reclaiming his rightful position as global leader in an African Centered Biological Nationalist Philosophical stance. Not being under the brutal control and domination of Hillary Clinton and her grandchildren. Bernie Sanders also said he is against a redistribution of wealth and power and simply wants Blacks to remain in a subordinate relationship to White power. The reason why Whites misdirected African-Americans from seeking fair distribution of tax profits in relation to taxes paid by African-Americans into fighting for “Civil Rights” was because they knew African-Americans would become powerful economically, educationally and had a legitimate grievances not only against White Americans but also the USA Government. With a group who is politically upset and their argument if correctly put together would garner them international support against the U.S.A. Government.

African-Americans who are Europeanized Africans also fear the African man being the controller of his own destiny. They believe that management and power should be in the hands of White people. Whites and Mulattoes politically and economically dominate  a group of people whom outnumber them and  are physically stronger and have a right to rule themselves.

The USA Government and their EU allies politically dominate African men. They have an iron fist grip on the Economics  and Political Legitimacy and even have brain dead African men who are fighting to keep them in power over their children and grandchildren. Hillary Clinton is a racist but she does have the intelligence to not want another group of people ruling over her GRANDCHILDREN. “We are all human”, “We are all Africans” that type of stupid rhetoric only works on stupid people. Intelligent people know they belong to a GROUP and they know that in THIS LIFE, they must work hard to protect their GROUP or become dominated by another group.

The Europeans will always prescribe a rhetoric to African people that, they themselves don’t believe and would never practice. When will the African man wake up and more importantly GROW UP and take his rightful seat at the table of power?

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