“I will give Steve Adams a pass on calling African-Americans monkeys because he was born in New Zealand.”

Shannon Sharpe, like most African-American’s is uneducated on the issue of race and simply an brainwash indoctrinated flunkie of White American power. His comments about Steve Adams racist comments were probably given to him by his racist White producers at ESPN who paid a dimwit African-Americans to defend and protect a White racist.

White Americans know African-Americans are dumb because they educate African people globally to be dumb and dimwitted. New Zealand is a 74% of White Nation. The United States of America is a 74% White Nation. Both these Nations are Anglophile Nations founded by Europeans for the sole purpose of being bastions of White male European Power. A White so-called American is nothing but a European and has a European consciousness. In the study of the history of slavery and the history of the anti African personality there is no group of European who did have disdain for African people.

On the coast of West African there are 2000 slave castles all of which represent every Western European Nation. When you look at the scramble for African and the Berlin Conference several European Nations whom have different languages and different cultures begin the race to colonize and marginalize the African’s land, image and resources of African people. All of them had racist elements which are still in Africa. The Spanish, French, English, German and Portuguese languages are official languages of African nations all of which had special racial slur for Black people.

Anti- Black racism is a European Cultural thing. Steve Adams comes from a notorious anti Black culture which is Anglo Saxon culture. The same culture of White Americans. The White American has a Anglo Saxon culture.

Anglo Saxons in New Zealand much like their American cousins are racist towards the Native American populations and are very educated on African-Americans. There is not a nation on this planet that does not know the history of Africans or African-Americans both are seen as apes, monkeys and N**gers by people of Anglo Nations.



Africans and Biracial people with partial African ancestry have had Bananas thrown at them at soccer games in these European Nations: Spain, Portugal, England and France. These non America born Europeans view Africans as monkey because its apart of White Culture and the White consciousness.

Shannon Sharpe, before he comments on race and give racist like Steve Adams a past should educate himself on White people, White culture and their inherently racist values and culture before he makes a damn fool out of himself and defend’s a White racist who simply called Black people what he normally would call them and had accidentally slip of the tongue.  The African -American athlete and media personalities are constantly defending White racism and bashing African peoples.

Shannon Sharpe you literally said I am not going to call a  White man from a racist White nation a racist White because he was born in a different White nations. Not shocking since most African-Americans are so mis-educated and deliberately lied  to they think Slavery was a Southern Business which it was not and they actually think the North did not have slavery. A White man calling you a monkey in New York is the same as White man calling you a monkey in Alabama. If you can understand that then understand this a White man calling you a monkey in France means it in the same way a White man from the USA would mean it, as well as a White man in New Zealand.