Identify – to associate in name, feeling, interest, action, etc. (usually followed by with):

Barack Obama nor Angela Davis identify with African people or African American people. They don’t now share the same skin color, interest or aspirations. Barack Obama and Angela Davis both identify with White people but are not allowed to claim themselves as White because of they adhere to a White ideology.

Once of the most ignorant lies told today is that someone can identify with being Black. That is impossible. Most of the people who are said to identify with Black people, have no real understanding of Black history, Black culture but simply are able to imitate bastardized Black personality stereotypes African people particularly in the USA have adopted.

Barack Obama doesn’t speak an African language, doesn’t promote any historical African values and is a clear supporter of White Hegemonic Power. How can you identify with Black people yet your mother is an enemy of Black people? You are going to betray your racist mother for a people whom you dislike and in their right mind they would dislike you?

Angela Davis was a reactionary mulatto agent. She promotes homosexuality and other values that African people find not to be of their culture or making. White people have a continual need to debase and define African people so they can put their offspring in leadership positions over African people and maintain their power.

As much as the White race likes to sleep around with other races. There has never been a half-Asian, half-African or half-Arab head of a homogeneous European Nation in Western or Eastern Europe. Why do African people promote ideals of White racist and proclaim that something is a rule that is biologically impossible. The one drop rule is not a rule. Do you understand a rule is something that can be proven. Like if I put my hand in fire it will burn, that is a rule. A mulatto person is not biological a Black person. Its impossible. A Black person must have 23 African chromosomes from his mother and father to a Black/African person.

If Barack Obama is Black based upon the opinions of White racist. Then all Blacks are monkey’s, dumb, inferior and 3/5s humans because Whites made that a “rule”. But we live under a White culture that says a 69 year old man with children can be legally declared a man. This is the type of European Cultural Insanity we live under. We have people who are so loyal to racist White European Thought.

The White man/woman may be the God of many of people but they are not my God. Bruce Jenner is still a man and Barack Obama is a biracial person not a Black person. We must raise the future generation of African children to not be so stupid. Why we continue to lie to ourselves in service of White people when we only have one life amazes me. Whites and their mulatto offspring are nothing but parasites who wish to drain you of your: land, culture and reality.