lebron and wade

The White media and the White owned NBA hate of Lebron’s and Dwaynes Wade friendships infuriates the NBA and the Negroes in the NBA because most of them got to the NBA by distancing themselves from African-Americans and showing disdain for African-American people who their White High School coaches did not care for.

Wade and Lebron grew up in homogeneous African-American communities from broken Black families that relied on the beautiful humanity of African American families who helped these young men out. Lebron, leaned heavily on his four African American friends and Dwayne Wade while in high school moved in with his African American ex wifes mother when his mother and father couldn’t help him.

Their is a socialization process that most African-American athletes go through. In exchange for validation and love from the racist White community they belong to, they in exchange begin to show disdain and nasty attitudes towards ordinary African-Americans. There are holes in this socialization process.

Michael Oher story of a White family “rescuing” him from the inner cities even though the truth of the story was Michael Oher was seen as a talented athlete prior to entering high school. The family that “adopted” him and the tutors that helped him were all Ole Miss Boosters. And Michael Oher ended up playing at Ole Miss. Lebrons story of moving in with a Black family and having a Black male mentor is hardily ever mentioned.


One of the reasons why Mike Tyson is a more beloved boxing figure than Floyd Mayweather Jr., even though he has a worse personal history. Is that Mike Tyson story involves a White hero figure in Cus D’Mato. Floyd Mayweather Jr. a boxing prodigy was not taught boxing by a White man, he was taught boxing from his father a former Boxer Floyd Mayweather Sr and his uncle Roger Mayweather . Floyd since he was an amateur has always had a Mayweather elder from his family in his corner. There is no White hero figure that the White media can talk about who taught the BEST PURE BOXER to ever fight.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. has never won boxing trainer of the year, he’s never gotten the praise of White boxing trainers like Freddie Roach even though he created and trained from the bottom up the greatest boxer ever.

White racism has gotten stronger because the White USA Government has masterfully destroyed many  Black families. White America becomes stronger when Black men don’t get good fathers or good male mentors in their lives to make them competitors with their enemies White males.

Imagines of Lebron and Wade, Floyd and Floyd Sr and Kenny and Sean Porter are so damaging and hurtful to White collective ego because they know deep down inside African people don’t need them. They just hope African people don’t realize this. Whites look to exploit everyone and everything on this planet it is in their DNA.

Lebron and Wade’s friendship goes against the norm that we see in sports, on jobs of African-American men who have petty jealousy towards one another. We see Black men throw each other under he bus from elementary school to the grave all to try to make themselves endearing to White communities around America. Lebron and Wade said it best, once we finish dribbling these balls we will have a friendship built on mutual respect and love for one another because we come from the same struggle.

They want Black men to always have that White paternalistic figure holding Black mens hand. White males who organize and group up exclusively  more than any group hate to see Black men show the same type of love for themselves and other Black men. Whites understand young Black boys could watch Lebron and Wade frienship and say to themselves I don’t have to hate on my brother, I could work with him and we could both achieve our dreams and goals together in love and respect. That is what the NBA hates about Lebron and Wade.