“The Post polled 504 people who identify primarily as Native American from across the country, including those who lived on reservations and those who were not part…”
You have people who “IDENTIFY” as Native American claiming the racist word Redskins is not offensive. When you look at the people who were polled they are people who are primarily of European ancestry and who identify with White cultural after years of being socialized to accept White values and White world view.

Dr. Marimba Ani said the European must control what the “truth” is. These mulattoes and other mixed breed Europeans are doing what they are created for. They are a multiracial Army to defend the White race of its intentions of racism.

The Western European always learns from his/her mistakes. This is how they have perfected racism. In the 1970s the European Psychologist begin to figure out a way how they can give African people what they wanted: Freedom, Independence, Rights and still maintain their illegal control over African-Americans.

You hear African people claiming that this person identifies as Black. This is a catch phrases that was crafted by sophisticated White racist so the could erase the Black race from existence and create a new hybrid class much like the Native Americans are today. Those who are primarily of African DNA but has partial Native American ancestry aren’t wanted on Native American rolls nor do they own any of these casinos. Racism is ever changing and always getting more and more sophisticated and deadly.