I notice this guy is constantly bringing up this Mulatto ZaZa Ali. No one cares about that Mulatto ZaZa Ali who has any damn sense. These Mulatto types always try to cater to Black women and despise Black men.

Personkid whom is probably in is 50s said that you are a homosexual if you say ZaZa Ali is not Black. He then compares Black men to other races of men. Well no Asian, No White, No Arab man is going to call a half caste what he is. Bruce Lee wasn’t even accepted into Chinese culture because he was part German.

The Italian Mafia will reject half caste Italians even if they are mixed with other Whites. Every race of man on this planet know who is apart of their group and whos not. The Black MALE is the only MALE on planet who let half breeds dominate him in his own land.

No mulatto has ever taken power in a Homogeneous Asian or European Nation. These are the two most powerful Nations of Earth today. I suspect that Personkid21 is a butt hurt mulatto. ZaZa Ali is a low life criminal who is trying to make a few bucks off selling Afrocentric Rhetoric that she can’t do nothing with because shes not an African woman.

Mulattoes are a mentally disturbed group of people who make no sense. Mulattoes talk about divide and conquer yet they are mulatto’s who claim one side of themselves over the other when it benefits them.

I am so tired of this Mulatto/Pale Skin worship in the African American community.