“However, the television version clearly demonstrates a mentacidal  technique, namely the putting into effect the method of seriously training Blacks through entertainment and use of the media.”  – Dr. Bobby E. Wright

I just recently watched the movie Captain America: Civil War and it was truly one of the most pathetic movies I have ever seen when it comes to Black actors. The central theme of this movie is vengeance. I am not going to reveal the entire movie because I don’t want to spoil it for my readers but this movie as with any Captain American movie is propaganda but this movie had a special focus on the African man.

Towards the end of the movie Tony Starks (Iron Man) is given light to the fact that Captain American had always known what happened during the the murder of his parents and not only this it was Captain Americas friend who murdered his father and his mother. Iron Man who was rationale throughout the entire movie when it came to his mother throw all that out the window and fought till Captain America nearly killed him to get revenge for his mother.

While, Tony Stark who was the rationale/sensible one throughout the entire movie fought to the death to avenge his mother. Black Panther is a new character introduced to the Captain American franchise and he is a African King. His father is murdered by a terrorist. The Black Panther gets the jump on the man who murdered his father and not only does he not kill this White male but he saves his life.

” The brother did precisely what the mentacidal process trains us to do- rape your mother, shoot your mother, shoot your brother,  steal from your father and you will  be forgiven many times and rewarded” – Dr. Bobby E Wright


But we all remember the night the the USA allegedly killed Osama Bin Laden, Barack Obama went before the world to tell them that justice was serve because this man was killed. Isn’t that amazing. Barack Obama is against any justice for Colonization which killed millions and slavery which killed millions of Africans but a few thousands White people die in some “terrorist” attacks and the USA scorches the earth to find one man and his death is considered justice. And even dimwit Negroes celebrated this.

The White man in many ways is a low life scumbag. And the Black is out of his mind that we allow Whites to paint these images of us. Tony Stark, the strong powerful White man who fights to the death and in typical fashion an African King saves the life of the man who murdered his father. A White man. Its amazing the White male has not got his just deserts.

P.S. I didn’t pay a dime for this movie.