” If you accept my definition of the world I will rule you” Dr. Bobby E. Wright

I recently read two ACBN articles one called Why Breeding Patterns Matter by https://afrikaneedstoownitsresources.wordpress.com/ and Mulattoes on Pace to take over Africa https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=Cvzjpmm7qco by ACBN Founder Nubian Times from Youtube.

I then begin to think about the Biracial bigots on Comedian Central: Key & Peele by Trevor Noah. These three Biracial’s make a living by entertaining their White family, White spouses by degrading the image of African people.

Africanneedstoownitsresources states that in the UK its rare to see Mulattoes marry a Black person and Nubian Times showed Mulatto Colonization taking place in Africa. Africans are going to be enslaved by a racist ideal of White males and females. The White race is creating a Army of well paid and loyal biracial people to help them commit genocide of African people.

African people have an emotional attachment to Mulattoes that non other racial group has and it will be the end of the race. Marcus Garvey warned about the Mulattoes. Dr. John Henrike Clarke said that the Mulattoes of South African overwhelming support De Klerk in elections. The racism of Biracial people is accepted because of self hate and self loathing in African people.

There are always dimwit false responses like “If Obama was born in the slave days he would have been a slave”. In the USA slavery went through your mother. Therefore if your mother was free you were considered a Free Person of Color. And the “Black” slave owners that White racist try to use to justify their hate and racism towards Blacks were infact Free Persons of Color ie Mulattoes. source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_people_of_color

You have ignorant pro-White African people and White racist who want to promote people like Trevor Noah, Stephen Curry, ZaZa Ali and play upon the emotions of African people so they can destroy the race and if they not destroy it have Pale Skin handlers like Neely Fuller Jr. The African man must shake off this pale skin worship now.

White people getting their Biracial children to do their bidding as their attempt at the Iron Fist, Soft Glove Approach as the being their final assault on Africa people. African people must not be this stupid. We need to wage a PR campaign to stop the Mulatto assault of African people. Mulattoes and Mixbreed nations: Sudan, Morrocco, Libya, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Brazil and Cuba show you that not only do the Mostly White European DNAs groups hate Africans but also the Biracial/MultiRacial groups. The Africans must adopt the same attitude towards Mulattoes as Asians, Whites.

White people, White cops and Slavery does not define Black people. You biological traits to. People who continue to promote this negative bullshit are simply anti Black. These are people who mean the Black race no good. I don’t care how dark you are if you are promoting negative thoughts based upon silly emotion and not logical thought you are simply an agent of White power.

The White race today controls who is and isn’t Black. This is a shame. How can the enemies of Black people, define who is apart of a group they don’t belong to? What person would allow an enemy to define who is apart of the group. African people when will we wake up?