General Giap, was a school teacher who defeated both the United States of America and France at warfare. The reason why Vietnam was able to defeat the West, was because Vietnamese men were willing to do for the future generations of Vietnamese males can have freedom.

Black/African men have used Islam and Christianity as a cop out of why they don’t fight the White race who currently dominates the world. The Black/African race has a spoiled and selfish group, largely those who older than 45. They are bitterly jealous and envious of younger Black/African’s males.

Instead of creating Business and leaving behind legacies, the modern day Negro over the age of 45 is only concerned with placating women and bashing younger Black males. The pettiness and jealous of youth is sickening and disgusting.

The Black male is the only male on planet who worships the hybrid. In ever major society in the world: Asian, Anglo, Jewish, and Arabic. The ideal women is a full blooded women who has authentic look’s of their race. But, the African male seeks a women closer in complexion to his enemies.

There are nearly 1 billion Black/African males on the planet. There is no excuse as to why African people are being governed, policed and controlled by Whites, except that Black men do not want to die for freedom but they simply seek the comforts of modern Slavery and leave the work of a real men to the Asians and White males.

If there is a God, I am positive that he will be disappointed that his greatest creation made Gods, of mere men. The African race is today the most idolatrous race on the planet. Running after foreign Gods and Prophets (Jesus/Muhammad), betraying the God’s of our ancestors.

Being a chump and a coward to White and Asian male’s will not give Black men eternal peace  because the same battles in the flesh world are being fought in the spiritual world. When many Africans die they will awaken to a spiritual realm full of warfare among those who passed on generations before us.