I am not a Muhammad Ali fan, nor a supporter. I have no problem with anything Ali said about Whites during the 1950’s and 1960’s. I don’t consider them racist because they weren’t. Now, Ali who routinely compared authentic African-American men monkeys to the amusement of racist White men like Piers Morgan, now those comments in my opinion were racist.

Steve Biko, once famously said “The White man knocks you down and then tell you how you should get back up”, which proves Whites to have a sociopath type personality. You want to abuse people and live at their expense and you expect them to love you and say nice things about you.


White people are not ignorant, White people know that the words by men like Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali and Elijah Muhammad said about them in the 1960s were true. The British went around the world murdering, killing and debasing human beings. The stigmas attached to African people globally were spearheaded by British men like Piers Morgan. Today and in the future every Black person will be unfairly stereotyped largely due to the tremendous PR campaign by Whites then and now.



To call a Black man born in the Jim Crow South in 1942 a racist is comical at best. African-Americans could not even vote until Muhammad Ali was 23 years old. Muhammad Ali, the grandchild of slaves who’s labor profits where shipped to England so White men like he could have the life he enjoys to day are lots of things but racist is not one of them. Racist, like Piers Morgan love to equate people who fight back or attack White people back as being racist or justifying racist. This is apart of every White persons psyche.

White people love to antagonize African people. They love to compare words spoken to the vicious and brutal racial policies, murders and cultural destruction that Whites did as a collective to Black people. White people have an entire culture based around debasing and dehumanizing African people which has not stopped for over the past 500 years.


White culture has an obsession with debasing Black people. And there is no Western European Nation that has not taken part in this form of Physic  violence against African people. African people were put in Zoo’s in North America and Europe. White American savages took a young African teenager named Ota Benga, filed his teeth and place him in a Zoo to entertain White children in New York City. White European’s took an African woman named Sarah Baartman and placed her in a Zoo in Europe for the entertainment of White children. Africans have never did such savage things to Whites.


When Lebron James touched Kate Middleton, Piers Morgan was upset that a Black man touched  so called European Royalty. But, Piers Morgan has never mention that when the British defeated Lebron James ancestors in Ghana, they made the Kings of Ghana crawl in the mud and kiss their feet. Peirs Morgan, also left out that William Prince of England  and Kate Middleton are  benefiting from the British selling Opium to the Chinese and the Slave Trade. Has the Queen of England or Buckingham Palace repented for Slavery and addicting Asian people to Heroin?

The global White media has put out five, O.J. Simpson movies in the last 10 years, but if you ask White people who Emmett Till was, most will give you a blank stare. If I were to mention the names: Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Roberson and Carol Denise McNair, people of all race’s would look at me with a blank stare. The four names listed are of 4 African-American girls who were killed in church bombing by a White preacher from Mississippi in the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing.


Mr. Morgan, who was Ali racist to? Did he force White children to speak an African language? Was Ali a police officer who gunned down unarmed White children? Was Ali a politician who passed policies that segregated White people into ghettoe’s? Did Ali create a Government in Europe that took all the plush lands from the Native Europeans? Did Ali wage a war on European names, and force European children to accept African names? Of course not.

White racist like Mr. Morgan like to make a mockery out of the suffering of White people victims. And no it’s not just Black and White. There is a football team named Washington Redskins and ESPN did a “Poll” were they asked 504 biracial and mostly White DNA “natives” was the term Redskins offensive in which they said, no. That is like asking a Biracial person if a White person calling a Black person a nigger is racist. I am sure I could find homosexuals to say they are not offended if I call them F+++gts but do you think that will fly with the mainstream White media? Of course not.

Piers Morgan is a racist arrogant pompous Brit, who run’s his mouth as if he wants a Black male to stick his foot in it. White people are on every continent in the world causing problem among African, Asians and Eastern European Whites. They make movies debasing Russian people as cold and dangerous. We now see movies that debase Koreans and Chinese constantly and of course the White races favorite stepchild the African is always a slave, pimp or African dictators in movies.

Piers Morgan is a Western European man in the truest form. He has to project his own evil upon others to justify his races actions against others. Piers Morgan is a sociopath and a evil devil scumbag. I personally could not stand Muhammad Ali. I thought he was a colorist who debased African men and shucked and jived for the White media but to call him a racist or to compare him to Donald Trump is a insult to the struggle of African people.

White men like Piers Morgan have no honor, class and aren’t even human beings so I wouldn’t expect anything less from this scumbag. When you look at all the sickos in his culture from Cecil Rhodes to the murderous Queen Victoria, maybe he should criticize those White devils that Ali spoke about. Muhammad Ali told the raw truth about Whites. In, Piers Morgan cowardly attack on Muhammad Ali, he didn’t say it about Ali when he was alive  and should be fired. He had a platform for years and could have called Ali a racist but he didn’t. I pray a slow painful death for you Peirs Morgan, though I am not a Christian. May your God, Jesus Christ snatch you from this Earth.