I absolutely hate being dominated and ruled by White men. Historically, we African men ruled our own worlds, societies and communities. Today, from Africa to Haiti, we are taxed by White racist. The public policies of our communities are controlled by White men. Our children are mistreated and abused by White men and women with the assistance of African educators who seek paychecks and to prove to White racist in education that they can treat Black children as poorly as White people can.

Black men are rotting. We are not being the best we can be. We are using Christinaity and Islam as a cop out’s to why we don’t have a fair poriton of this world. We are mocked and ridiculed all across the world.

African men are afraid to confront White power. African men are afriad to die for the future generations of African people to be free and liberated. African people are comfortable with having trinkets and working for White men to enjoy their illegal domination.

African men are not savages at all. If we were savages no one would dare oppress us or insult us with their one drop rules. African men have the capabilites to wage war against any nation in this world and probably win if he put our full effort into it. But, we are coward’s who refuse retake back our manhood and or freedom from these White savages. The White male has set up governments all over the world having no respect for anyone or anybody and then portraying themsleves as some innocent, Christian who should be in control because he has everyone best intentions.

The White male and female is not bulletproof or bombproof. They are mortals. The most tragic thing about Africans is we are letting mortal creatures enslave us and domiante us because the masses of Africans can’t accept legitmate African authority and would give their life only to protect the racist White races vast empires.

I hate White Power, I hate White Governments, I hate White rule.