Draft dodger Bill Clinton, whos wife seeks to be commander and chief of the White racist United States of America. Isn’t it ironic a middle class White male who did not want to fight to maintain White supremacy but will send other Whites to go fight, spoke at Muhammad Ali funeral, Muhammad Ali who used the Black Muslim Movement to avoid the draft because it was a tactic that Malcolm X taught him. If you read the autobiography of Malcolm X, Malcolm X spoke about how Elijah Muhammad taught them not to fight in the White mans war.



I watched this IMA movie years ago. This movie spoke in illicit terms of how middle class IMA’s used the Black Power Movement because they did not want to fight for the country their ancestor killed and stole for. The IMAs who infiltrated the Black Panthers and other Black movements and turned the Black Power movment into a flunky of White Liberal politics and once the war ended they moved back into their all White suburbs and institutions while African Americans still are dealing with the legacy of slavery and jim crow while also combating White racism daily. Muhammad Ali was made an ICON by us Black males who have inferior complexes so we try to live throught he sports accomplishments of other Black men and cowardly Whites who did not want to bust a gun for the USA.


source:  http://www.1stcavmedic.com/bill-clinton-draft.htm