In the begging of the year I had 20 band’s I saved to invest and I was having discussion’s with an intellectual about biopharm companies and he mentioned that I should look at Celator and U.S. Steel.

This was a gamble but one I felt worth taking. Celator has had great breakthroughs in treating Leukemia and when I purchased the stock it was trading for less than 5 dollars. The other stock I purchased was U.S. Steel because it was very cheap and the U.S. Government recently placed tariffs on Chinese Steel.

In order to become African nationalist you must learn how to have some financial independence from working for White people. If you had invested 5K in Celator, 3 months ago you would have had a NET of $99,000 and if you wanted to cash out you would have profited $39,000 after you paid your capital gains.