Nothing like Black excellence to bring out the hate in Pale Skinned people. Stephen Curry has been given two MVP award’s that should have gone to the best player in the world Lebron James. The NBA has wanted to have a Pale Skin star because the League hasn’t truly had an American born Pale Skin star since Larry Bird.

Pale skin people always like to take short cuts. From stealing Native land and enslaving Africans to make them more powerful than other nations the Pale Skin people of this world have come custom to receiving great wealth without having to really work for it. Stephen Curry team has been able to set illegal screens on a nightly basis because Pale Skin people lack the athleticism  to compete with the Brown African-American athletes like Lebron James.

Lebron James a Brown African-American from the inner cities of the United States of America and his classy wife Savannah Brinson James have been the epitome of NBA Royalty and Class. You have never seen Savanah Brinson James mocking other fans when Lebron James won his titles. You have never seen Lebron James children act as ignorant as Riley Curry has towards members of the media.

Lebron James, in his 13 year career has had his jersey burned and was treated like a run away slave by the Cleveland Fans and Cleveland Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. Lebron James has dealt with elderly White women calling him a cry baby and insulting his manhood. Through it all Lebron James has always held his head high and with class and dignity. Lebron James, whom has never fought dogs or been convicted of domestic violence has been routinely voted the most hated athletes in the USA. What kind of sick savage even put’s negative energy like that in the Universe.


Lebron James has led every player among both teams in Minutes, Points, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks and Steals. Lebron has guarded Dryamond Green, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry at times. Stephen Curry has been eaten alive by Kyrie Irving so bad that Klay Thompson has had to cover Kryie to slow him down. The reality is that Stephen Curry is a good player/great shooter on a team stacked with 1st Team All Defenders whom carry him. Lebron James carries teams offensively, defensively and Curry is carried by his team. His teammates must set illegal screens so he can get shots, switch him on centers so he can get good looks and take up his slack on defense. Stephen Curry should have never been given the MVP over Lebron James. For the 2nd year in a row on the biggest stage, Lebron James has shown he is a superior player than Stephen Curry and it’s not even close.

The Curry’s come from a racist Creole culture that hates what they call “Darkies”. The believe they are superior to their Pale Skinned Brothers the Whites and their distant relative the Brown African-Americans. Klay Thompsons bigoted father has made negative comments about Lebron. Dell Curry, has made negative comments about Lebron. The Warriors players have disrespected the greatest player of their generation. Yet through it all you have not heard a single word from the James Family.  Ayesha Curry is the typical pale skinned female, a woman who likes to judge other women for being sluts, then begin’s to play the FEMINIST card when, Stephen A. Smith told her to act more like Savannah Brinson. The worse thing for a Creole/Mulatto woman is to be compared to a Brown African-American woman whom they hate with a passion.

American sports culture is racist as is all White sports culture are racist. During the Super Bowl, Josh Norman of the Carolina Panthers and the rest of the Negro Football Elite was blushing like school girl toward Peyton Manning, a washed up QB well past his prime who under performed for years on stacked teams where he had the type of HELP that Lebron James could only DREAM ABOUT. Yet, the Negroes in the NFL were bowing down to him like he was some GOD for his pathetic performance where he nearly cost the Broncos a Super Bowl out of his own selfish egotistical ways to PAD his Legacy. Lebron James is one of the top 3 guys to ever play Basketball and for Klay Thompson who doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as Lebron to say his feelings were hurt was ridiculous.

If a Black NBA player or Lebron James had thrown a mouth piece at a White fan like Stephen Curry did, they would have been labeled a thug or had the police called on them. Cam Newton had the police called on him for ripping down a sign at a stadium this past football season. Imagine, if Lebron James in frustration threw his mouth piece at a White fan?  If Savannah James behaved like Ayesha Curry did, she would be called  a ghetto Black B**TH, classless and other names I won’t even mention. Ayesha Curry is classless and tacky and is clearly only with Stephen Curry so she can be in the lime light. The Curry family is beloved by the White American sports media because of their pale skin and it’s sickening to watch. Allen Iverson was critized for being a shoot-first PG. Now that its a shoot-first point guard like Stephen Curry the Media Loves it. Michael Vick was critized for being a run first QB but the White media loved Tim Tebow in the NFL. The racism of pale skinned people is amazing.

I hope Lebron James scores 60 points gets 20 rebounds and 20 assist on Sunday. Then we will see how the real cry babies are. All of these hate of this young man who has dominated the NBA for the past 13 year’s is based on one thing, thats the deep sick hatred for Black men.