Yesterday, I correctly predicted the racist White media and their non White flunkies would come after Stephen A. Smith. Stephen A. Smith like most Black men is seeing the racism in how the White world continuously berates and bashes Lebron James. He said that Ayesha Curry, was out-of-place for calling the NBA rigged. He then further stated that if Savanah Brinson James said the NBA was rigged after let’s say a Lebron James loss in the NBA Finals to the White star led Dallas Maverick’s that the media would have mocked and ridiculed her in a way they would never ridicule Ayehsa Curry because Ayesha Curry is pale skinned and Savanah Brinson James is a Brown Skinned African-American.

Ayesha Curry called into question the integrity of every player who dedicated their life to getting to that movement. She is just a wife, she did not work to get to the NBA and her lifestyle comes from paychecks the NBA pays her husband. For her to attack their integrity is absolutely asinine. Your spouse can cause you to lose your job based upon their behavior. What Ayesha Curry did was classless and has no place in the NBA.

Stephen A. Smith is in the same pathetic dilemma of all Black males. We are Men in a society who wants to effeminizes us and make us docile servants and slaves toward’s White power and authority. White racist have begin to focus on psychological and psychic violence attack’s on Black men. When Stephen A Smith makes generalizations about Black people such as “Black people are killing Black people” after state sponsored murders of Travyon Martin and Freddie Gray, he is praised by the White media. Black people is a term that describes 100% of the Black population, 99.9% of which aren’t killing anyone. Black gang members are another subject.

What really upset the liberal White media was when Stephen A Smith said ” And I’ve got news for you. As beautiful as everyone wants to say Ayesha Curry is, and she is, Savannah is something special. I’m here to tell you something right now. Ain’t a man alive, particularly a black man, that’s going to look at LeBron James’s wife and not say that that woman ain’t gorgeous.” You see White society wants powerful Black men to run behind Mulattoes and White women. When Stephen A Smith said no BROTHER could look at Savanah and say she is not beautiful and  something special that upset this racist society.  White Americans want  to SHARE their hate of Blacks. What Stephen A. Smith said was some real BLACK MAN TALK. Ain’t no real brother going to promote a half breed or a White skunk over a real BROWN SKINNED SISTER.

You see these racist Whites and White appeasers get stung any time an attack is on one of their own. Ayesha Curry is living a lifestyle given to her by the NBA and for her to question their integrity when they have allowed the Warriors to set illegal screens for the past 2 years insane. Women and Men should behave in respectfual and classy manners when in the public eye and Ayesha Curry conduct was flat out pathetic to the highest degree. Instead of the White media vilifying her like they would do a Black woman they came to her defense. America racism is getting sicker and sicker at the minute.

Stephen A. Smith in my opinion has made his best anaylsis ever about sports, race and society. Every now and then Stephen A. Smith remembers who is. One of the cheif problems for Black men is we lack real power to define the world. We are being dominated by Women and Whites. That is how insane our existence is. White society has no respect for us and we should return the favor.