The most powerful Black Character on House of Cards sitting next to a shine box. He makes tons of money serving the interest of White men. In one of the first epiosdes of House of Cards, Frank Underwood cuts away from as he typically does and mentions that he could never RESPECT a man that chases MONEY over POWER. When talking about Remy his former AIDE. Frank Underwood sees MONEY and POWER as two different things. Even though I just began to watch this show I can already see that Remy who sided with WHITE BILLIONAIRE Raymond Tusk over the man who gave him his start Frank Underwood will take what the under 25 crowd calls an L. This seen is symbolic in so many ways. Raymond Tusk is sitting in a barber chain getting his hair cut by a Negro. His arch nemesis, the power hungry Frank Underwood use to be served ribs by a black man named Frank. The racism in House of Cards is so brilliant because its done in an artistic way. The racist symbols are brilliant. Racism is White Cultural. Lying, Devicing and Killing in a what appears to be a civilized manner.