Congolese Child in Africa

White people have been attacking African children for the past 600 years with a ruthless and heartless assault on their minds, sexuality and their spirits. They want African children to hate their ancestors, their spirituality and become potential sexual play toys of Whites.

When Whites came into Africa they set up the colonial educational system to systematically brainwash Africans with anti African propaganda. Today, White Homosexuals are want to homosexualize children. White Homosexuals proclaim that Homosexual is natural, if it is natural why do you have to introduce this kind of lifestyle to children. President Vladimir Putin of Russia passed a Homosexual Propaganda Law that says you can’t give homosexual literature to children. I have never in my life been given Heterosexual Literature what is the need for GAY PROPAGANDA.

White Christians go around the world telling Africans if they do not accept their God Jesus Christ they will burn in hell. Whites have completely destroyed African religion. No where in Europe do you see Africans forcing European children to adopt African names for employement, or to worship Africans Gods or they will be punished. Whites seek to harm Blacks non stop until there is no more of us.