Those who love to promote Mulattoes/Whites and Asians into leadership and control over African people often use the term they just need a “Black mindset”. What kills me about Black people like this is the arrogant stupidity they have.


These false narratives have been created by White’s. Most of what you hear come out of Black people mouths (If this person is even Black) is not even well thought out.

1. “You can’t blame them for their parents mistakes”

This language was created by Whites in the 1960s when they wanted to manipulate Blacks into joining the Black Power Movement which they effectively did and destroy it 10 years later. We often hear you can’t blame White people for things in the past as a justification for the CONTINUED domination and CONTROL over BLACKS. Bernie Sanders is against REPARATIONS for slavery because upon this same ARGUMENT.  In that case should African-Americans be given their own country it’s NOT OUR FAULT OUR ANCESTORS were SLAVES and COLONIZED in AFRICA? No, this rationalized is never used because it would REMOVE POWER FROM WHITE PEOPLE. Black people should simply assimilate and allow Whites to maintain their Empire is the solution these people give.

Dr. Amos N. Wilson said “When you forgive without justice, you reward the injustice. And the injustice and inequality increases”. The main justification White people use to justify White European Jews stripping White Asians of their land is the bible. They use the past as a means to gain power. White homosexuals use the HISTORY of Black oppression as a tool to gain power for White Homosexuals. Black people can’t just their legitimate historical grievances to get some justice but Whites take other people stories and get real power.

Do you think a Chinese man will want a Korean being the ruler of China if he has a Chinese mentality? No. The Korean people had Koreans who advocated for Japanese rule over Korean people. The Koreans removed these people from power and shunned them out of their society. These tactics s African people should take should use the same. Mulattoes need to be in the European world and shunned and all benefits they have got and wealth at our expenes should be taken and redisbruted.

2. Mention Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton or Bob Marley

What do people get out of mentioned these people to promote mulattoes? Well if a Black person is promoting Mulattoes they are related to a mulatto or they want to marry and have mulatto children. I believe the Black race is the only race to promote people as members of the group who look nothing like them. This reinforces White supremacy. I really don’t understad what contribution Huey P. Newton or Bob Marley made to African people. Malcolm X was an exceptional man but I would never accept him as a leader of African people. And Malcolm X also begin to crack under the pressure of knowing his life was about be taken. Malcolm X himself spoke against interracial mixing  then changed at the end of his life. Malcolm X, himself lost his commitment to African liberation because of some White Arabs who were SETTLERS On AFRICAN LAND! It shows you that some of Malcolm X’s thought’s were incomplete.


I had to chuckle at this ignorant fool when I read this. Now, BET is a White owned network ran by a mulatto who has given out humanintarian awards to Alicia Keys, John Legend and now this magic Mulatto. The mulattoes speech was to highlight Mulatto Leadership and promote his White mother as the GOOD WHITE PERSON. Go and read his speech, I challenge anyone. He brings up all these horrible things White people have done then shows his White mother. Whites created the GOOD WHITE PEOPLE non sense so BLACKS WANT FIGHT WHITE POWER but simply try to WORK WITHIN IT. Whites racist want Black people fighting for social equality and social justice and no an AFRICAN NATION and AFRICAN COMMUNITIES. When you have been brainwashed, indoctrinated with non sense you can’t even think properly you are EASILY DUPED By a WHITE NETWORK called BET. LOL A mofo talking about BET AWARDS and YOU CAN’T BLAME WHITE PEOPLE then talking about Military Science…Psychological Warfare is what this moron doesnt understand… smh It’s sad you have to correct so much of this non sense. Jessie Williams promoted MENTACIDE against BLACKS. The same way ROOTS did.