The most important issue of the 21st century is not the World Wide Sex assault as stated by some. While it is a major issue and important issue, the most important issue pertaining to Africans with some semblance of sanity is biological nationalism. The first time I heard or read about the biological survival was from Dr. Amos N. Wilson.

Biological Nationalism deals with Africans being committed to surviving for centuries to come. That Africans maintain the traits that our ancestors had by procreation with other Africans. Biological Nationalism is a heterosexual ideology which states that African men must first mate with and have successful relationships with African women if the African specicies is to survive.

Bhekiztha will save millions of Africans from destroying their genome and committing genocide by procreation with non Africans. The African world will forever be indebted to his coining the term Biological Nationalism and using it in way’s no other African has. The basis of nationhood is women and land as stated by Dr.John Henrike Clarke. Without land you die and without African women you die.

ACBN and GBAM will both succeed because history and the ancestors are on our side.