1. The ones who believe they are 100% Black just because they are dark skin…HAHAHA

This person wants to define race on the basis that White men raped some African people during slavery and thus they want to ignore the Biologial Traits which makes one an African person. This logic is only done in a way that is against African people. The flip side of slave rape is that many Mulattoes intermarried back into the White race. We already know that many Africans also interbred themselves in the European gene pool during 1700s. We know that Alexander Pushkin was partially African and that the moors ran through Italian and Spanish women leaving both groups with mixtures of Arab, Berber and Black African blood. This person finds the thought of 100% genetic African people to be a joke….You can breed out any non African DNA overtime. This is a tactic used by White racist to legitamize Mulattoes/ Dark Skinned Whites and negate authentic African Americans those with the physical traits of Black Africans.

2.They are deathly afraid of miscegenation….

The notion that White people are afraid of miscegenation is complete and utterly false. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Strum Thurmand, Ian Smith and many other famous White racist took part in micegenation with non Europeans. What White people fear is that these offspring be considered White. The White race protects its gene pool by looking at Whiteness based upon the physical traits. Infact many Whites considered it public policy to breed out Blacks with lower class Whites.

3. We can use micegenation against the Whites….

I am trying to figure out WHERE? Where are you going to use it against them at? Clearly, not in the United States of America. You will never see a man who looks like Lebron James be considered 100% pure WHITE like people considered Obama a Black man. And the numbers are this. There are 234 million White Americans, 40 million Black Americans…. If 40 million Whites decided to intermarry with 40 million Blacks it would simply end the Black race…..