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Socially mixed people and black they are not considered the same which is a reflection on their biological features. This includes multi-generational multiracials, both multi-generational ‘light skin people’ aka mulattoes in the US and Somalis in the UK claim it is common for Afrikans to say that they are ‘not black enough’. This is  based on what? The biological morphological traits of Afrikans which is brown to blue-black skin with Afro-textured hair. That shouldn’t be hard to figure out when I have seen first hand West Afrikans claim Somalis are not black but Afrikan Caribbeans are, despite the difference in continent and them both having chunks of their population which are admixed.
Raven-Symone, a light skin multiracial American. She is physically indistinguishable from a mulatto female showing consistent high levels of European genes and common alleles among the European contingent in her ancestry.
Iman  Abdulmajid, a Somali. She holds a hair…

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