” The “colored” elements have arranged it so that the blacks are always kept down, so that they can use their dissatisfaction and disaffection as an argument to strengthen and further perpetuate their positions of social equality and economic privilege and preferment with the Whites” – Marcus Garvey – pg.86, The Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey


We have two groups of African people in the entire African world. Those who seek African liberation and those who use the condition of African people to enrich themselves and  seek  social equality with Whites. This article is for African men and women who sincerely want to be free of foreign domination.  Mixed and Black people who’s only goal is to have social equality with Whites do not want to end racism nor challenge White people for supremacy in the world. This phenom is not a new one. Marcus Garvey wrote extensively of the schemes of the mulatto and Negro classes whom agitate the race issue to gain concessions from White people at the expense of Africans.

The Black Homosexuals, Mulattoes and Negros have outwitted and outsmart Black people for the last 250 years. They have used our condition, our powerlessness to galvanize us to marching and upsetting the White population so they can shake down the White establishment while the masses of Black people live in poverty or lower class suburbs. In Africa, many brothers and sisters lost their lives fighting colonialism only to have Negroes cut deals with the Whites to maintain their economic control over our countries.

The Present day Negro or “colored” (mulatto) intellectual is no less a liar and a cunning thief than his illustrious teacher. His occidental collegiate training only fits him to be a rogue and a vagabond, and a seeker after the easiest and best by following the line of least resistance. He is lazy, dull and uncreative. His purpose is to deceive the less fortunate of his race, and by his wiles ride easily into position and wealth at their expense, and thereafter agitate for and seek social equality with the creative and industrious whites. To every rule, however, there is the exception, and in this case it must be applied.  – Marcus Garvey


African people are manipulated by the White controlled educational system that Nelson Mandela and MLK. JR where ancestors whom wanted us to fight for social equality with Whites. How is this manipulation? For one, Nelson Mandela went into prison an African freedom fighter who wanted the liberation of his land and came out a docile integrationist  after 27 years of prison. 27 year of prison and brainwashing would change even myself. MLK Jr. was an African person removed from himself and had a European personality placed inside of his body through the enslavement of his ancestors. Dr. Amos N Wilson said you can’t be an African and be a slave at the same time. It is impossible to be African and to be controlled by another group of people. This is why the White racist are promoting HUMANISM now. We ARE  ALL HUMAN and We all ARE ALL AFRICAN this is propaganda to legitimize White control of African people.

GBAM/ACBN both 100% fully agree with the assessment of Dr. Amos N. Wilson that White control over African people is illegitimate. African people should be governed, policed, legislated and educated by people whose primary goal is the biological survival of African people.

African people who defend Jessie Williams do so because they too simply want social equality with Whites. They feel that Africans are savage and they don’t trust Black mens ability to lead African people. African people have no confidence in one another because of the current economic weakness of Black males. African’s globally have no race pride and race loyalty.  Other Africans who defense Jessie Williams know that there are Africans whom would be great leaders and do a better job than White’s and Negroes but they don’t want them to succeed out of petty jealousy.

Why wasn’t their any mulatto Jews screaming for social equality with Nazi’s? Where was the Jewish MLK Jr who wanted little jewish boys to hold hands with little Nazi girls? Why is it that we African’s are given a solution to seek social equality with our enemies  who want to destroy us?

You have Black morons who claim “Pro Blacks” are paranoid and that we are some how out-of-order in our common sense rebuke of this social equality seeking Mulatto Jessie Williams. You see African people’s, months ago I was in a grocery store with my sister. She said “brother look at that ridiculous magazine right there”. I looked over and I saw a photo of these  3 mulattoes imitating Black militant poses from South Africans PAC and the Black Power Panthers of the USA. We both discussed how insane the Ebony magazine had become. Harry Belafonte, is supposed to be representing Black people when his doesn’t have a Black wife or Black children? Then these two mulattoes on the side of him. Ebony and BET are both White owned and White directed media. White’s want these Mulattoes to rule over Africans to get us to come to the conclusion that African liberation is a utopia pipe dream and that their watered down redefined version of Black power with a European Phenotype is something to aim for? Equality with our oppressors.


Africans with all the work of Dr. John Hernike Clarke, Dr. Amos N Wilson and Dr. Bobby E Wright, how can we be ignorant about the vicious propaganda campaign against Africans?

Here you have a LIFE Magazine Cover with 2 interracial dating Black men and 1 mixed race man who lust after White women.


I remember being disgusted by this, all of these men only date White women and got starring roles in a movie by sexually Liberal George Lucas. This was done deliberately to promote genocide of African people in a very sophisticated manner.


The majority of Negro leaders are selfish and self-appointed and not elected by the people. The people desire freedom in a land of their own, while the colored politician desires office and social equality for himself in America….. Marcus Garvey

The Global Biological African Movement will not allow the moral call for African Liberation to be torn down by petty ignorant buffoons who want Africans to be directed by Mulattoes and White objectives and narratives. The intelligent and sober-minded Africans will here my argument, which will be well crafted and well explained and they will either follow the Biological African moral philosophy or do nothing but they will not join those who seek social equality over freedom and liberation. Social equality really is a desire to get into bed with lower class Whites to breed out the African genome and justify it with the one drop rule of White racist. Do not be decieved African people.