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White power will not cede because African people vote, are granted civil rights or peacefully protest. White-racist claim that it is the wealthy rich White’s who are the racist, they crafted this strategy to deceive ignorant African people who have no real understanding of language. White people who are bitter about their low standing in the European social order are just as racist as their wealthier brothers and have more power and influence over African people because of their low standing, they are in closer proximity to African people and this is the chief reason they are bitter towards their richer White family.

White teachers, White police officers, White principals and White employers all exist as a cohesive unit and deliberately work to keep African people under their control and influence with the approval of management class of Europeans. This group of Europeans has waged war against African-American culture, language, and legitimate grievances against the White corporations and families who profited from our slavery. They influence African people with persuasive words and rewards and punishments for going against their power.

We are not fighting against a system, the rich, the poor or ourselves. African people are fighting White power and White culture. This is a Powerful Culture that we are fighting a group of people who seek to dominate African people regardless of their class. Regardless of a White person socioeconomic standing, sexual preferences they are part of a culture that seeks to dominate people who do not bow down to their will.


A White teacher does not like a Black student,  so she labels him LD as a way to spite him.

A White student does not like a Black peer, so he works together with White teachers and principals to give that Black person a hard time.

A White police officer does not get the respect he demands from a Black man so decides to shoot him claiming he had a gun.

A White doctor refuses to give a Black patient the necessary clot-busting medication that cane save their life.

A local White community feels a Black woman is uppity so they destroy her job opportunities in a local city.

A White politician hates Black so they craft legislation to underfunded after school programs and shoot down bills for reparations.

This is only a short sample list of the everyday White power that we are up against. Every member of the White race understand’s that their race controls and dominates African people. They know we are their subjects that is why White police officers are confident that if they shoot down an unarmed Black man for any reason they see fit the White power structure will protect him.

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We gave you Civil Rights – White People

We gave up a Black President – White people

We freed you from slavery – White people

I have one question. Who gave White people the power to take our “rights”, give us a “President” or enslave us in the first place? White power gave them the right. Their ability to psychologically manipulate Africans and then use superior weaponry to subdue us and get us to submit to their will and their authority over us. Right now all African people are under the illegal control of Whites.


Playing in the NBA, NFL  or MLB is a privilege granted to some Blacks by White society.

Having a job is a privilege given to African people to the degree in which they assimilate with White standards. (Can you wear traditional African clothing/ Can you have Dreads)

Civil Rights Act 1964 was the government of the USA giving African-Americans privileges so they could stop disrupting the order of White business.

The Voting Act Right of 1965 was the US Government giving African-Americans voting privileges

Lets examine the above. At one time the NBA,NFL and MLB banned African-American participation in these leagues. Many jobs around the US and Federal Government were for African-Americans. It was common-law that a Black man/woman had no rights a White man was bound to respect and we all know that Whites forbid Blacks to vote.

All Whites have the ability to impact and ruin African people’s lives in ways Black people could not do even if they wanted to. I remember as a youth my White football coach telling me with an arrogant glare that life was not fair when I questioned him about his treatment of the Blacks on our “team”. The arrogant racism oozed from his skin. I remember sitting on the Bus back from a game wondering what I could do to get back to him. I realize the only thing I could do was kill him and end up in prison.  Many of the things my White teachers did to Black students was sanctioned and supported by the US Government. These White racist were not rich or wealthy but made a nice living off African-American tax dollars to mistreat and abuse Black children. And our parents and community could not retaliate.

White police officers do not fear retribution and retaliation just like George W. Bush doesn’t fear retaliation from his racist attack on the people of Iraq.  African people have no organized or developed technologically in order to confront and then overthrow White Hegemony over our lives. We have been so brainwashed we think we are British, Americans or Canadians. We don’t realize that we are under the same occupation and domination as the people in Palestine are. The privileges Whites have given some of us has made our race soft and even more willing to submit to White power that rules, governs and dominate every minute of our lives.