White Hegemony and Racism will come to an end. There will be a day when Black boys and girls the world over will hold hands in African unity free from being governed, legislated, policed and taught by White men and women. This will come through well trained Black men from all across the globe who will confront the White Hegemon in a language that they understand. We will be given reparations and we will regain our freedom and sovereignty regardless of White opposition because Black Power will not cede in the face of any opposition.

Freddie Gray Cover-up- Why Coward African-Americans Will Accept the Lies – African Centered Biological Nationalist Journal.cli

The above quote was taking from the African Centered Biological Journal. Micah Johnson was just one well trained Black male who took on the Dallas Police Department taking out 5 of them with accurate precision. The only regret I have in this is that the brother worked alone and did not have a plan of escape. If I am ever the General of the African Centered Military, I will make it a goal to never lose a single African. If Black men put our minds to  it we will become the most feared and deadly military force ever. In the history of Black people, we have never tried to form a Global African Army with a clear focus on removing non-Africans from power over African people.

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One month ago, I was on Youtube, listening to a Dr. Umar Johnson video where he began to promote the inaccurate lie that Black people could not defeat the US Government or Police Forces. I am going to do a quick analysis of the Baltimore Uprising and why it failed.

Balitmore Uprising Analysis

Baltimore, Md. 2010 census population (rank): 620,961 (21); Male: 292,249 (46.6%); Female: 328,712 (52.9%); White: 183,830 (29.6%); Black: 395,781 (63.7%); American Indian and Alaska Native: 2,270 (0.4%); Asian: 14,548 (2.3%); Other race: 11,303 (1.9%); Two or more races: 12,955 (2.1%); Hispanic/Latino: 25,960 (4.2%).

Black: 395,781 (63.7%

White: 183,830 (29.6%)

Law Enforcement Officers Per Capita for Cities, Local Departments.clipular

In the case of Freddie Gray. I remember Negroes telling me that it was suicide for Black men to think they can take on the Baltimore police. I told them that Black men in Baltimore grossly outnumber the police and if they were properly trained and armed they would slaughter the Baltimore Police. I am not advocating they should but I am clearly stating the  could. If only they KNEW their power.

Baltimore Black Population vs Police Force:

395,781 Blacks/50% are Males: estimation its 140,000 Black men vs 3,503 Law Enforcement.

Think about if that brother Micah Johnson was funded  by African corporations. What if we were to take many of these unemployed African men in Baltimore. If we took 10,000 of the 140K Black men trained them well, reeducated them well and unleashed them on the city of Baltimore, not even the National guard could deal with these brothers. If the US Army is engaged in war all around the world how effective would they be? One of the greatest History lessons of all time was given by Adolph Hitler. It’s nearly impossible to fight a Multi-Front war and win. The US Military is over extended as we speak and to have to deal with insurgents on the home front would certainly begin to devastate the US Economy and destroy the USA political leverage internationally. This would be a deliberate strike at White rulership by Black men.

Baton Rouge Black Population vs Police Force:

According, to the 2010 the racial makeup of the city was 50.4% Black or African American, 40.8% White, 0.5% Native American, 3.5% Asian, and 1.3% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino were 3.5% of the population. Non-Hispanic Whites were 37.8% of the population.

Black population 112,000 vs Police 832. I am estimating the Black male population is 50,000. 50,000 Black men in Baton Rouge. It would only take a force of 2,500 military trained Black men to bring a police force to heel that numbers 832.  African people, we are in this position we are in because of fear and ignorance.

This is only a snippet of how my brain has been operating for awhile. I am not going to go into any more details on our potential as African people. Because we are first going to have to confront the thugs and backward killers in our communities. And we will need a united African force to clean our house then we can begin to deal with the IMA. I am working on all kinds of policies and plans to win a victory over the IMA Global Hegemonic Structure. I am always studying people who have defeated the Whites. I read books by General Giap daily as inspiration. He defeated two White powers. We have to develop anti-Nuclear Bomb Defense, Anti-Drone Defense and develop a Navy and Air Force on the continent of Africa. That is why Africa is so important for those in the Diaspora. I doubt the Jamaicans or Haitians would allow us to undertake a program like this. I am sure many African leaders would say why not.

African people, we must gain power and make our march in this world. Whites have realized this much years ago that is why they are trying to kill us because we could take over large parts of this country. If we chose to overthrow White power they would be in in a world of trouble. Stop listening to racist like Bernie Sanders, we don’t need them! He is telling you not to get reparations but jobs. We have the power to take reparations and put his sorry liberal ass out of a job.