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I was watching The Purge tonight and the IMA males in control have this moderate IMA female running for office who is popular with Latinos and Blacks. The IMA male power structure sees this IMA female as a threat and sends mercenaries to lay her pale skinned flat behind ass down. These IMAs hired a group of White supremacist mercenaries ie police to lay her down have White power signs on their uniforms with confederate flags. It reminded of that Loreans devil who was taken out by our brother Micah Johnson. IMAs have threatened me on twitter with calls to the FBI. The FBI raided my dorm room in college and tried to entrap  me for making threats against President Bush, which I did not. I remember as these feds raided my room  and spent 2 hours trying to manipulate me into saying I threatened the IMAs Bushs life, which I never did. They failed but my IMA controlled University still put me up on judicial affairs case which was illegal, if I was smarter  I would have sued the FBI and University and won because both broke the law in harassing me and lying on me. The jackass FBI Agent wasted the time, resources and money of the FBI on me a non-violent African with strong political views but who never advocates for murder or any  action that can imprison myself of other Africans. Just to my African followers, this racist ass Movie might signal a win for the racist Hitlerary Killstons who is even hated by her fellow IMAs because she is a dangerous and murderous woman. Also, White IMA males are pussies who threatened me with the FBI. They sat in my dorm room years ago with an armed FBI Agent in my face trying to entrap me and I knew what he was doing. He was trying to coerce me into saying I wanted to kill his President Bush. I would never advocate for killing anyone. I was a simple conscious objector to the policies of George W Bush which led to the murder and displacement of millions of Iraqis. This ignorant and cowardly FBI Agent tried to entrap a young African trying to better himself because he was a coward scumbag trying to use me to make his career and I knew it. I did not fear him killing me which is what he wanted to do but I was not going to allow him to manipulate me. I am ok with dying at a young age, I am not going to hurry it but if it happens oh fucking well. I refuse to live a lie and not speak out against the savage nature of White men.



Day’s ago I was watching an ACBN VLOG by ACBN, the author proclaimed that the recent retaliatory attacks against police could open a door for Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump because women could settle down the Black male’s aggression toward the state.

I am currently finishing watching this movie and it was a military lead by an African man which wanted to assassinate the current President of the USA a racist White male who wants to maintain the Purge, his opponent is a White IMA Senator who wants to end the Purge and bring moderate White racist rule, i.e. the soft-handed approach to White domination of African people.

So the Blacks save this racist White female and get their hands on the racist White President. The Black man gets a chance to get his revenge against his enemy. But because of the White female play’s to his morality by telling him” If you get your rightful revenge you are no better than them”. As the Black male goes to kill this racist who has murdered millions the words of the White female is in his head. The White male with a gun to his head stands on his principles and tells the African to shoot me do it you, coward.

Watch ThePurgeElectionYear2016hd online - NowVideo.clipular (1).png

As  usual, the Black man goes out like a coward. He rejects his principles and allows a White woman to misdirect his focus which leads to the stereotypical Black sambo type getting killed protecting the White woman’s life. One of his quotes towards Black militants ” This is our goods White people and I can’t let you kill them”. I am not making this up. At the end of the movie the White racist female wins and the foreshadowing of the another Purge movie is set up. The racist White female wins and American breaks into utter chaos which I expect if Trump loses. These extreme White racist can’t handle another 4 years of a Democratic Win. A Hillary Clinton victory will implode the USA.

This movie was done to constantly create White leftist narratives in the minds of African people. The IMA female brilliantly sacrafices the Black pawns to save the White males life who has butchered millions. When taking out of  the White male would have saved the Nation. This movie exposed White politices to those who are discerning.