These are the kinds of contradictions that help to breed disrespect for the law, and disrespect for those who enforce the law. It does not matter if a law is written in neutral terms. What really matters is whether that law is enforced non-discriminately, and this society is one that is famous for writing beautiful laws, which are enforced in a non-equal fashion. We recognize that the policeman (woman) is not merely an officer of the law, not merely there to enforce the law, but that the police officer has discretion in enforcing the law, and can and frequently does determine when and under what circumstances, to a good extent, the law will be enforced, and against what people, regardless of how that law is written.

Therefore, a law that may be on the books in a non-discriminatory manner can be executed in a very discriminatory fashion. Accordingly, we recognize that the Black individual who exhibits the same behavior that is designated as so-called criminal by a police officer in comparison to that of a White individual is far more likely to be arrested, convicted, jailed, and oftentimes murdered for that identical behavior. Consequently, a police officer can and routinely does make a determination based on the individual’s race, upon the individual’s sexuality, upon the individual’s political and class characteristics, as to whether arrest, conviction, and so forth is warranted. – Dr Amos Wilson