The United States military has active engagements in 80 to 90 countries a day and, in 2015, dropped a total of 23,144 bombs on seven countries. All with the assistance of thousands of scientists.


The “black criminal” (reactionary black male) is but an imitator of his psychological white father. Therefore, we have “black-on-black crime and violence,” and “black-on-black crime and violence” is a necessity (assures politico-socioeconomic destabilization) for European power. It’s not the intention for whites to remove crime in the African community (end internal conflicts in African nations), it is their intentions to contain crime to the African community (assure infighting within African nations). You talk about the corruption of the police: it’s easy to corrupt a police man/woman when he/she is guarding a people that they do not care about (identify with). And when the corruption of those people he/she is guarding ultimately…MAINTAINS THE POWER POSITION! – Dr. Amos Wilson (1988)