I just read a very troubling article but one with that names the names, and to those of you who are sincere African nationalist this is a warning. My closest family and friend constantly remind me to be very careful when espousing my African Nationalist Beliefs because there are some very dangerous and evil African-Americans who are put in place to neutralize sincere people.

I am going to primarily recruit Black Africans from Africa and African-Carribean Islands to join my Global Biological African Movement. One, their African appearance in leadership will automatically repeal pseudo -Black Nationalist from me and secondly I know they are true African militant’s and revolutionaries just by looking at his body language and knowing their actions inside of Africa.

That being said, read this article:

Dallas Cop-Killer Micah Johnson Was Blacklisted by Black-Power Groups as ‘Unstable’ - The Daily Beast.clipular.png


This is how pathetic the Black American community is. A Black Liberation Group? That disowned a Black man who was willing to give his life for African people.

Micah Johnson seemed to be a clean-cut and well-spoken African person who had real insight to the inner working of Whites by being a military child and joining the military himself. His genius was probably neutered by White female teachers and he was preselected in his childhood to either become a thug or join the military. He chose the latter. The objective of the White female-controlled school system is to recreate the social order of White dominance and power and black subordination.

This negro Ken Moore bragged to a White media publication that they have a system of identifying Africans who are too sincere and might actually do something.  Malik Zulu Shabazz already has a history which would raise several backgrounds.  This one Negro named Michael Muhammad and Shabazz were around when Dr. Khalid Muhammad died suspiciously. The negro Michael Muhammad became violently angry when Alton Maddox said the State of Georgia said Khalid died of natural causes and begin to try to snatch the microphone from Alton Maddox. Steve Cokely said 3 weeks before Khalid Muhammad died that a White Jewish newspaper began to promote Zulu Shabazz.

I would like to recruit around 150 Africans to form an intelligence committee much like Chairman Mao did in China to  get a database on people like  in the above article and other shady characters. We must know how to avoid them  and to neutralize them. There are several pseudo-Black organizations that are simply monitoring agencies working on behalf on the Inbred Mutant Albinos.

Micah Johnson would be welcomed into my organization with open arms and we would have begun to give him a sound educational reformation, cultural reformation and giving him training and purpose in life. What kind of Black Liberation organization would turn about potential hitters?  This other negro who was around Dr. Khalid Muahmmad before his death is now working for White politicals in Virgina. So many unprincipled people with no direction who play Black power for profit. These types will kill you or poison you.