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Recently, a Jewish person I shall not name criticized Dr. Umar Johnson’s recent breakfast club interview.  This European Jew called Dr. Umar Johnson a “bigot” who profits from racism because takes the legitimate hurt and suffering of African people and uses it as a justification to segregate themselves from White people. What qualifies a European Jew to speak to the pain and suffering of African people? As an African person, I have experienced racism and hate from Whites but I have never felt compelled to try to tell Jewish people on how they should respond to anti-Semitism because I am not qualified to speak to their pain nor am I qualified to tell them how to respond to it.

European-American Jews make careers and living for themselves at exploiting Black culture and people under the guise of brotherhood, which typically ends in European-American Jews controlling school boards that have little or no Jewish children and Jewish controlled corporations owning the catalogs to Sam Cooke, Michael Jackson, Tupac and other African-American artist. While Jewish corporations have sold thousands of CD’s of Black men screaming the world Nigga and debasing Black people, the entire Jewish community banded together to  chastise Michael Jackson for his use of the word KIKE.

But the question I would have to Charlemagne the God is, how many times has this European-Jew criticized Jewish scholars, professors who have created Jewish Day Schools around America. These schools where European-Jews segregate themselves from the general population in the United States of America based upon their shared history, a language. These Jewish communities pool their money together without the approval of African people and operate as a de facto Nation within in a nation.

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The European Jewish, community while promoting integration to African-Americans and criticizing any talk of Black Nationalism in the United States, have for the last 81 years ran a 100% controlled Jewish Federation inside of the United States of America, without the consent or approval of African-American men. There has never been a debate between any African-American scholar, African thinker or politician on why White Jewish people are not assimilating into the totality of the “American structure”. Why are Jewish people continuing to practice the Jewish Faith in large numbers? Why do they continue to celebrate Jewish holidays and why do they have schools which teach Jewish children the importance of relating to Israel, the importance of Jewish Values and the Hebrew Language?

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There are over 800 Jewish Day School’s in the United States where Jewish children can learn inside of a cultural incubator with other Jewish children. These schools are fully controlled and dominated by Jewish teachers, administrators with non-Jewish people being primarily janitors and support but not the actual controllers of the curriculum.  Why aren’t Jewish children fighting to integrate with Protestant White Americans? Why are there thousands of Jewish planned communities around America? Are the Hasidim Jews of New York City Racist and bigoted because they act in their own interest?



European-American Jew’s operate with an arrogance that when you look at their physical appearance and numbers in comparison to African-American’s is truly amazing because it’s no way in hell European Jews in the United States of America could win a race war against African-Americans. Yet everywhere we turn these people are in our community with an aggressive and nasty attitude telling us how we should express ourselves and what we should do in our communities when in fact the only reason Dr. Umar Johnson exist is because the Black Civil Rights Generations under the direction of Jewish Americans and the advice of these Jews and these Black Leaders have left Black communities in utter ruins while the Jewish community in the USA control a misappropriate share of Americans wealth while being and ethnic minority which if the people decided to take it from you and it’s nothing you could do about it.

The European Jew like most White people become violently angry when African people express themselves and express their opinions because the global White community outside of Europe is a settler nation. If I were a racist Jew whose race is dependent upon appropriating Black culture, land and natural resources on the African continent I would call Umar Johnson a bigot as well. Why would I call him a bigot? Because, for generations and centuries my race has used language and words to manipulate African people against their own best interest while we pick and put Black people in leadership positions who will serve the interest of the global White Groups of Jews, Anglo, and Catholics. White racist like Piers Morgan and Andrew Schulz are using the new aged racist tactic of telling African people they are racist if they seek to retaliate against Whites or organized to remove power from White people from power to abuse and mistreat Blacks. They tell us that Muhammad Ali should have smiled and enjoyed racism because there are some Good White people.

I have to ask  a logical question. If a group of radical Arabs took over Israel and murdered their children and in order to maintain Arab control over Israel invited some Arabs who culturally and ethnically operated as any Arab and support the ruling class Arabs in their continued domination and control over stolen Jewish land and resources but did not directly harm or do any ill will to the Jewish people of Israel but they lived in majority Arab communities with the Arabs who do it and also received preferential treatment from Arabs. Would you support being dominated for the rest of your lives by this group of the newly arriving because some Jews had friends who were Arab, or if some Arabs intermarried with some Jews?  Once you begin to analyze and think critically you will find the true nature of these racist Whites and see how they manipulate and outwit Blacks. They do it because we are lazy thinkers who don’t ask ourselves how would these people do if they were in our position?

If we are to be African men and women. We must stop answering and debating with Whites and  traitorous Blacks whom want to try to direct us away from building power and powerful communities which exclude people who want to undermine us and simply rule and control over us based upon this insane logic that Whites should be able to continue to mistreat you because some White people are nice. The foolishness and arrogance of these racist White’s has become more and more outrageous daily.