Europeanized-African actor Nate Parker, a genetic African is now under siege by the Inbred Mutant Albino  motion picture industry. Nate Parker is a handsome brown-skinned man with  impeccable African facial features and African-textured hair. If he was not such a race traitor I would support anything he does but since he has a sick fetish for European women which will lead to his biological annihilation if he ever chooses to have children, I will never support him.

Nate Parker has been in several movies for years and we have never heard anything of him raping some sleazy White female who probably woke up after a drunken night of exotic sex with two Black men and regretted it  because of what her White peers would think about her afterwards  probably decided to accuse him of rape as revenge.

Nate Parker has upset the White movie industry who love to portray African people as slaves, help, and other demeaning characters when he decided to do a film honoring his great African ancestor Nat Turner who gave White people their just deserts for crimes against African humanity. With the rise of Micah Xavier Johnson and Gavin Long, the White movie industry must create a justifiable means as to shut this movie down as not to plant the image in the minds of young unemployed Black men throughout America of an angry Africans righteous attack on White America during the Uprising of Nat Turner.

It’s truly amazing that Whites are still using the raped a White woman card to destroy individual Black men like they destroyed Black cities in the United States back during reconstruction but it’s to be expected as a leopard cannot change its spots.

Why bring up a rape case from 1999 in 2016 after you have let this Negro make millions already? Because he was going to commit a sin against White America by breaking the tired Narratives of The Butler, The Help and 12 Years a Slave and plant a new image of the impressionable minds of African youth of rebellion.

White people are truly pathetic and have no shame. Amazing how this guy was even able to get this far. I know he didn’t rape anyone but when you choose the integrationist path you are going to give up freedom’s and once you begin to act too free they are going to put you back in your place in their society. White people you make me sick, such a low class group of scumbag’s you are.