1492 to 1888 – European Enslavement of Africans on 3 Different Continents

1888 to 1902- Europeans promote their religions which convinced Africans to give up their wealth for a place in heaven

1902 to 1994- Europeans heard Native Africans on reserves while they control our resources

1994- Present Europeans dictate prices of African resources and are now promoting Pedophilia, Homosexuality, and Transgenderism into African societies.

Are we as African people inherently stupid? How can you allow another group to convince you to enslave yourself if you are Christian? How stupid do you have to be to allow Whites to set up landlocked countries inside of the interior of Africa? How does a White Jew control the mineral resources of Congo and Africans smile in his face?

The stupidity of African people is just amazing and baffling to me. The level of treason in our race defies human logic. African people accept so many self-defeating narratives and directives of Whites who have proven without a doubt they are our bitter enemies.  The constant calling ourselves a Nigga and Bitch. The White race has been a total bad influence upon African people yet the Avg. African will think it is us who are our biggest enemy. Amazing how stupid we are and how many African people take pride in being ignorant to appease Whites. The average Negro has a billion petty jealousy toward an African person with some type of special talent or ability but will ignore the thousands of mediocre Whites in the same field only to try and undermine a African person.