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Images like this gives the motivation to finally finish Mein Kampf. I think maybe Adolf Hitler had some valid points. It was a global African collective who struggle in stupid struggles and fights  so a selected group of negroes could integrate and gain access to White institutions while we as Africans don’t build our own institutions. Sam Cooke and Alan Klien, Sean Carter and Lyor Cohen, and now Kobe Bryant and Stibel. These Jew’s have so much control over African people its ridiculous. How many African-American and Jewish Jewelry stores do you see? My point exactly another ignorant “Black” athlete.

I remember a few years ago at an Eagles game this elderly IMA (Inbred Mutant Albino) asked me he said I don’t mean to be racist but why do you African-Americans let these little Jewish guys exploit you. It was getting close to the Senior Bowl, he said it made him sick to see those little 5’7″ Jews smiling and speaking to the younger African-American athletes mothers as if they cared. He told me, he said you realize you guys don’t need those Jews. All these young African-American’s going to Law School for no reason at all, they can’t even out compete Jews for the service of members of their own race. Truly, Amazing. Even African leaders in their embassies hire mulattoes or White people. African people are the world most backward race and it makes me sick. We refuse to be men and work together to get real power. So many Black men act and behave like faggots. So many jealous hearted sniffling Black male faggots who will do anything to appease Whites or the Kobe Bryants of the word. He feels so good using his athletic ability to create wealth and fame for Whites. Dr. Chinweizu spoke about the Arab’s racism toward Blacks. I am starting to question if the Arab analysis of Blacks is not actually racism but an accurate analysis of the character of Black men.

Not all of us are fucked up brothers but god damn the level of treachery and self-loathing is just fucking ridiculous.