“Why does the Black man say, “freedom is doing what I  want to do!” and why is it that every thing he “wants to do” enriches the European?” – Dr. Amos N Wilson


Today, Rodney Harrison a brown-skinned African American stated what many authentic African-Americans and African immigrant children feel, these mulattoes like Colin Kaepernick are not Black and can’t relate to us. I will say I personally am a fan of Colin Kaepernick, I personally like him as a person but he is not a Black person.

I agree with Rodney Harrison who is married to an IMA I believe but for a coon like him to say enough with this mulatto madness show’s you that African people are tired of having their image debased by WHites. Since, Rodney Harrison depends on White people for money they told him to take it back because, Whites are offended their Mongrel offspring aren’t consider Black so they can maintain their control over African peoples.